Hoodbillies Channel Their Inner Child In ‘Big Yeah’ Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

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On the surface, country-rap duo the Hoodbillies, are some tough looking mother- truckers.

Frequently pictured in cowboy boots, dark sunglasses and sporting more country swagger than two “good ol’ boys” should be allowed to have, you might think them to be all hat and no “howdy.”

But you’d be wrong.

Underneath the tough exterior and towering statures, Colt Ford and Krizz Kaliko are big kids at heart and their music video for “Big Yeah” shows exactly that.

Directed by Julian Mendoza, the music video shows viewers the “kid versions” of Colt and Krizz belting out the lyrics to ‘Big Yeah” with all of the energy and positivity that the song masterfully delivers.

“I brought up the idea of doing a music video that featured them as kids versions of themselves as well the crew and camera people are kids, too!” Mendoza excitedly told BRIDGE. “ARC Studios was amazing at providing us such a great space and working with the young actors Kyle and Camden was so much fun and had us all smiling the entire time.”

World Premiere: Hoodbillies Channel Their Inner Child In 'Big Yeah' Music Video
Colt Ford and Krizz Kaliko encounter the kid versions of themselves in the music video for “Big Yeah”

They aren’t the only ones smiling as you can’t help but have your heart lifted watching little Colt and Krizz perform the anthemic single in such an innocently authentic way, almost as if we truly were watching the fast-rising duo as children.

Big Yeah,” which dropped on September 1st, centers around living life to the fullest and “unapologetically enjoying every moment.”

With a message as fun-loving as the Hoodbillies themselves, it’s only fitting that the music video have all of the child-like energy and enthusiasm that the duo are known for. Watch an interview or two of Colt and Krizz and you’ll catch them cutting up as if they’re old high school buddies. Watch the music video for ‘Big Yeah’ and you just might be convinced they’re brothers.

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