Blaine Holcomb Sings about Life on the Road in New Single ‘That’s Where I Call Home’ [Exclusive Premiere]

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Nashville, the heart and soul of country music, has been a breeding ground for authentic artists who can capture the essence of life on the road, and among these rising stars is Blaine Holcomb. His new single, “That’s Where I Call Home,” beautifully encapsulates the life of a musician – a journey filled with highs, lows, and unwavering passion.

In a recent interview with BRIDGE, Holcomb offered a personal glimpse into the inspiration behind his latest release and the creative process that brought it to life. He shared some deeply personal experiences and insights that have shaped the emotional depth of the song.

Speaking about the inception of “That’s Where I Call Home,” Blaine revealed, “When I came up with the title, I was originally thinking of writing about my hometown. But then, after I brought the idea to Jay Brunswick and Chris Utley, we decided to write it about life on the road as a musician. I think it’s very fitting and true to my life. I’ve been playing music for over 20 years now and have been doing it full time in Nashville for the past eight and a half years.”

The musical arrangement of “That’s Where I Call Home” plays a pivotal role in conveying the song’s message. Holcomb elaborated, “Chris Utley came up with the chord progression while Jay and I worked on the melody. The three of us wrote it together, and then once we took it into the studio, all the session players put their spin on it. I think the acoustic intro is great. Tim Galloway played acoustic on this track and all the others as well. All those session players are so talented. It’s one of the most fun and exciting parts of the process for me when I get to see these songs come to life in the studio.”

Blaine Holcomb poses in front of cinder block wall for the album cover of That's Where I Call Home"
Courtesy of the artist.

Blaine Holcomb’s musical journey has been marked by consistent growth and evolution. Reflecting on this journey, he said, “I think more than anything my songwriting has grown and evolved over the past eight and a half years that I’ve been in Nashville. It’s also great to get to work with some of the most talented songwriters in town because you can learn so much from them, and they make you better.

‘That’s Where I Call Home’ is an honest look into my life as a musician and something that I think others can relate to as well, whether they’re musicians or not.”

When it came to working with his long-time producer, Jay Brunswick, Holcomb emphasized, “I think with each new project you’re always aiming to improve and do something that you haven’t already done on previous records. This time around, Jay and I focused a lot on the vocal performance of each track and making sure it was believable and true to the song. Also, I think with this new ‘Boot Shoppin’ EP,’ these four songs are all different in some way than anything I’ve done in the past.”

“At its core, ‘That’s Where I Call Home’ resonates with dreamers, artists, travelers, and musicians, underscoring the idea that home isn’t a fixed place but a feeling,” Holcomb added. “I hope that they feel the authenticity in this song. I think it’s true to my life, and I hope we were able to capture that through the lyrics, vocal performance, and overall production. Hopefully listeners will learn a little more about me through this song. For some people, home isn’t always just where you’re from or where you live. It can be the road, it can be a dream, and I think others will relate to that as well.”

With “That’s Where I Call Home,” Blaine Holcomb invites his audience on a musical journey that is not only heartfelt but universally relatable, making it a song that can strike a chord with anyone who has ever felt the call of the open road or the pull of a distant dream.

World Premiere of “That’s Where I Call Home”

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