Cam Cole: Busking, Ted Lasso and Touring The World

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Cam Cole, the one-man band who sky-rocketed to fame after his recurring role on Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso, is on nothing short of a musical odyssey. With his journey stretching from the vibrant streets of Camden to international stages, Cam is hitting a crescendo with his third album release, “Unleash.”

In an exclusive interview with BRIDGE, Cole shares insights into how his unique path has shaped the upcoming album’s sound, themes, and creative process.

“Unleash” emerges as a departure from Cole’s previous works, driven by an unconventional genesis during the Covid lockdowns. As he reveals, “The album is an experiment as to what else is possible to play as a one-man band, how heavy can a one-man band sound whilst also remaining super tight, and do the compositions work in the limited set up that it is.”

Cam Cole: Busking, Ted Lasso and Touring The World
Cam Cole, 2023 – (Photo, The Lightscaper Photography

This setup, infused with heavy blues, folk, rock, and metal influences, mirrors Cole’s eclectic musical voyage. From a humble street performer to sharing stages with global icons, his cross-cultural performances have imbued his songwriting process with profound insights. Cole candidly acknowledges, “I’ve been on the road coming up 11 years now… It’s that which has inspired me the most.”

“Unleash” beautifully marries these influences, seen notably in the single “Truth Be Told,” which blends Mississippi Delta vibes, White Stripes’ soaring guitars, and echoes of Rage Against The Machine’s signature aggression. The album’s tapestry weaves a captivating musical map that navigates a spectrum of emotions, all guided by the resonances that stir Cole’s artistic spirit.

Despite accolades and fame, Cole remains true to his artistic vision. His previous album’s acclaim and work on the Emmy-winning TV show “Ted Lasso” haven’t swayed him. “Any extra fame doesn’t affect my writing, as that’s sacred to me,” he asserts. Being an independent artist fortifies his artistic integrity, allowing him to steer clear of external pressures and refine his distinct sound.

“Unleash” was captured live at the renowned Rockfield Studios in Wales, a strategic choice that accentuates the raw fervor of Cole’s one-man band performance. Recording all elements in a single take injects authenticity into the album’s soundscape. Cam explains, “I do believe that capturing that great take with guitars, vocals, and drums in one go is the perfect starting point after which we then listen and see if layers would benefit the record.”

“Home,” a seven-minute rock epic, stands as a testament to Cole’s artistic trek. Typically performed at the end of his sets, the song encapsulates the solace he finds in music and performance. Cole’s poignant lyrics delve into the essence of choice and seizing the present moment.

In “Unleash,” Cole melds influences from stoner blues, metal, and heavy rock, drawing inspiration from bands like Kyuss, Red Desert, and Pantera. The album serves as an amalgamation of sounds that have lingered in his mind, a reflection of his artistic maturation. “I just wanted to go deeper into what it is already,” he elucidates.

Cam Cole, 2023 – (Photo, The Lightscaper Photography

With his album tour underway, fans can brace for an electrifying experience. “I change my sets up for different tours… I’m constantly seeking the perfect set and perfect order of songs… that changes the way a group of people feel in a positive way after seeing the show,” he divulges. With new tracks, impromptu jams, and an ever-evolving stage presence, a Cam Cole concert promises an unforgettable encounter.

In “Unleash,” Cam Cole masterfully melds personal and musical evolution into an album that resonates deeply. With his fearless approach to musical experimentation and a profound connection to life’s vibrations, Cam Cole has undeniably “unleashed” a masterpiece that will reverberate with listeners’ hearts and souls.

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Cam Cole: Busking, Ted Lasso and Touring The World
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