World Premiere: Ray Palousek Releases Beautifully Crafted EP ‘Colorblind’

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Ray Palousek debuts his beautifully crafted EP ‘Colorblind’ exclusively here at Bridge Magazine. ‘Colorblind’ EP releases on December 9th on all streaming & download services.

“You’re Everything” brings incredible energy as Ray sings about being the best version of yourself and how this person is loved by those around you. Moreover, the piano melodies and solos add a unique vibe to the track, immediately bringing smiles to people’s faces. 

“More Than Enough” switches the atmosphere with a calmer and softer tune. This track will convey an incredible mix of soft pop and blues to the audience, making listeners disconnect entirely from the outside world as they are pulled in by this song. This amazon track also gives the audience incredible instrumentation, which perfectly complements Ray’s vocals. 

Ray Palousek - releases new EP "colorblind"
“Color Blind” – 2022

“Sunburn in September” brings an incredible mix of blues and pop, this time with a more upbeat track. In this song, Ray gives the audience a great message about living life to the fullest and taking each moment at a time, enjoying every moment. Ray also provides the audience with catchy lyrics that perfectly convey the message as it repeats “sunburn in September”, truly transporting the audience back to summer days.

“Ocean Meets The Sky” brings the audience a beautifully crafted, heartfelt tune. This tune pulls at people’s heartstrings, bringing a peaceful energy that will give the audience goosebumps. Moreover, Ray’s deep vocals perfectly match the beautiful instrumentation, increasing the overall experience of the song. 

“I’ll Drink To That” is the perfect mix of a country and blues song. This track will bring a smile to everyone listening, making it a fan favorite and perfect to blast in the speakers. This song makes it impossible for the audience to sit still, making everyone move along with the beat. The funny lyrics also attract the audience, making this song addictive and impossible to ignore. 

“Colorblind” changes the EP’s energy, giving us the perfect peaceful atmosphere. This tune will help the audience disconnect from reality as they truly feel this beautifully crafted song in their souls. Ray’s incredible vocals will also pull at people’s heartstrings, giving the audience a wonderful experience. 

Ray Palousek’s new EP is an incredible mix of sounds that will be seen all over people’s playlists, making it one you won’t want to miss! 

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