World Premiere Of Sleep Nation’s Latest Single “Sophistication”

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Sleep Nation’s newest addition to their song, “Sophistication,” showcases a changing world and the potential possibilities that can come alongside it. The song surrounds itself with the concept of the unknown and leans into this theme heavily with its lyrical tone and accompanying music video. With steady vocals and instrumentals, paired with a fluctuating style and music video, the song and video are sure to leave audiences guessing their next moves. 

Sophistication” is a song that deals with the concept of uncertainty. Whether involving once-in-a-lifetime events, or even casual everyday situations, the theme emphasizes an intentional sense of confusion within its lyrics. Lyrics such as “Sophistication / Where are we going? / When will it end? / Danger Destruction / Psychotic symbiotic erotic trend?” bring to light a sense of unease and general skepticism regarding events and decisions made within the modern world.

World Premiere Of Sleep Nation's Latest Single "Sophistication"
Sleep Nation (2023)

“Sophistication” sounds like if Nine Inch Nails and Peter Gabriel teamed up in a battle against Skynet to stop the apocalypse. Who wins? Listen to find out.” – Bran Merritt

The video complements each other by dealing with the concept of the unknown. Within the music video, the constant switch between red hues, blue tones, and standard colors provides a more profound understanding of the lyrics and overall meaning of the song itself. The continuous camera cuts, movement, and focus shifts also give the general feeling of uncertainty. Towards the end of the song, this all comes to a head, with several shifting colors and visual effects being applied to the video, leading the audience to guess what could happen next.

Sleep Nation consists of an alt-rock duo who seek to shake up the industry’s meaning of music. While being the sole members of the group, Merritt and Lauretta have already racked up a list of accomplishments, such as opening for Adema and Sponge, amongst various other artists. Despite their small number, Sleep Nation can rock their audience’s world with their unique take on alternative rock. Connect with Sleep Nation:

World Premiere of “Sophistication”

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