World Premiere Of Sam Grow’s “Good At Lyin'” Acoustic Music Video

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Country songsmith Sam Grow just released his third studio album Manchester, available now via Average Joes Entertainment. The album, which was named after Grow’s new hometown of Manchester, Tennessee, boasts vivid storytelling and emotional melodies.

“I always try to write songs and albums from a very real place. So when I was thinking of the album title, it just seemed right to pay tribute to the real place where all these stories and songs happened in,” shares Grow. “Manchester, TN is where I live and I’ve fallen in love with the people and the peace that I’ve found in this new little hometown of mine. I’m so proud of this album and I hope my community here is, too.”

Sam Grow - world premiere of acoustic music video for good at lyin'
Sam Grow/Average Joes Entertainment

One standout single from the album is the emotional and relatable Good At Lyin’. The track sees Grow bearing his soul, admitting that it “hurts to tell the truth” about his self-esteem when talking about a lost love.

“One of the first things that made me love country music was the sad songs. As a kid, after my parents got divorced, my Dad would play ‘It’s Getting Better All The Time’ by Brooks and Dunn on repeat. So when I got together to write with my good buddy Brice Long, I told him how much I missed those kinds of country songs,” said Grow. “I had the title floating around in my phone for a while called Good At Lying – and Brice said without missing a beat – ‘cuz it hurts to tell the truth,’ and this song was born in all of maybe 40 minutes. I hope this one makes your heart ache in the best way possible.”

Good At Lyin’ does just that. Sam brings a depth of emotion unmatched by previous releases. The country star in the making lays vocals that are the perfect blend of smooth and grit overtop of soft but swelling instrumentals to make for an intimate looked into Grow’s own heart.

Check out the world premiere of the acoustic music video for Good At Lyin’ here:

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  1. […] Grow continues his knack for revealing his genuine emotions through sincere lyrics with “Good At Lyin’” where he admits that it “hurts to tell the truth” about his self-esteem when talking about a lost love of his, relating to anyone currently going through heartbreak. The acoustic music video for “Good At Lyin’” was premiered by Bridge Music Magazine. View the premiere of “Good At Lyin’” HERE. […]

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