World Premiere: Drew Pulliam Drops Music Video For “January”

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In a beautifully subdued and nostalgic offering, the long-awaited music video for Drew Pulliam’s “January” has finally graced our screens. The video takes us on an emotional journey, filled with wistful memories and heartfelt storytelling that will leave a lasting impression on fans.

Hailing from the charming town of Jonesboro, AR, Drew Pulliam’s passion for storytelling began amidst the enchanting ambiance of his mother’s theater. A lifetime of absorbing captivating tales and playing amidst the stage lights set the stage for his future artistic brilliance.

With the release of his debut EP, “16 Going On 60” back in June, Drew’s music has struck a chord with fans across all generations. Collaborating with Mississippi hitmaker Steve Azar and a team of exceptional musicians, his songs delve deep into the heart, resonating with listeners in profound ways.

In a recent interview with BRIDGE, Drew shared his excitement about this milestone. “It’s very exciting! This whole process has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” he confesses, “and to finally do it is a dream come true. It’s definitely been a learning process, and extremely humbling, but I’m happy with the music and am excited to make more.”

As Drew readies himself for a new chapter at The Delta Music Institute, anticipation fills the air. The prospect of exploring new creative avenues in the studio promises to weave fresh and soul-stirring melodies that will echo in the hearts of his fans.”January” stands as a bittersweet gem among the tracks on his EP. Drew reflects on the inspiration behind the song, “I wrote this song when I was at a songwriters event, feeling all grown up. It’s about embracing the rollercoaster ride of growing up, and it tugs at your heartstrings.

“The music video for “January” transports us to the cherished moments of Drew’s family life. Directed by The Solutions Group, the visuals unfold like cherished memories, evoking a sense of warmth and love that wraps around the audience’s heart. The video beautifully complements the song’s theme of nostalgia and growth.With a talent as genuine and heartfelt as Drew Pulliam’s, the future is ablaze with possibilities. As he embarks on this new phase at The Delta Music Institute, we eagerly await the stirring melodies and emotional journeys that await us.

Drew Pulliam, “January”

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