Wargasm Drops Mixtape Ahead of Headlining Tour

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A collision of throat-slashing thrash guitars, apocalyptic dancefloor electronics, unnervingly catchy harmonies, and unapologetic sex appeal, the UK duo—Wargasm (Sam Matlock and Milkie Way) can turn an underground goth club upside down one night and bring a massive outdoor festival to its feet the next night.

The extreme duo just dropped “EXPLICIT: THE MIXXXTAPE,” a format strategically chosen “as one last chance to experiment to see how far we could push the sounds and to see what elements of hip-hop and heavy metal we could get away with.”

Wargasm is more than well-versed in the music model and approach their future with the same intensity in which they started. Having recently supported acts like Limp Bizkit, they are now preparing to embark on a headline tour in October 2022, a move that only makes sense for the promotion of “EXPLICIT: THE MIXXXTAPE.”

“Wargasm was born in the lockdown, it found its start being digital so it’s great that we get to get out and connect with the fans,” said Matlock.

Photo: UMusic

Connecting with fans isn’t their only mission. The duo says their favorite part of playing festivals is to see the other bands. “We love to just see other bands, that’s a major part of what we love. Don’t lose sight of why you got into music,” they said.

It is that purist love of their craft that makes them fan favorites across the globe. The pair comes across in interviews as people who are truly thankful for the opportunities that are being placed in front of them. Perhaps it has to do with their view on what “success” truly is.

“I think success are those little moments like when you finish a track or finishing working it out in the studio and then you go for a cigarette and are like “f**k yeah, that’s awesome,” Matlock says, ” And I don’t think we’ll ever be victims of success because I’m hardwired to hate everything I do,” he jokes.

They are as endearing as they are intense and truly we wouldn’t have them any other way.

Check out EXPLICIT: THE MIXXXTAPE, out everywhere now and be sure to check their calendar for upcoming tour dates to get your dose of Wargasm soon.

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