Van Hechter, Citizen Of The World, Montrealer Of The Month And Emerging Icon To The U.S. Underground: Meet The Man, And The Man Behind

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Van Hechter is one of the least underground pop stars one could encounter in the US underground world…He appeals to a youth that is questioning gender, roles and rules, he is indeed a rebel himself -yet he isn’t brutally shocking. In fact, he is charming, posh, well dressed, traveled and- accessible. His songs criticize society while never blaming it.

He is a blast to interview and we caught up with him just to see what he was up to…

Bridge: How do you feel about your career?

VH: I think I’m incredibly fortunate… I’m no huge star but God- I have such an attentive following. The bond with fans feels like a relationship in itself- so much love… I say ”I believe in magic” in a song- I do- and so magical things happen to me as a result… It all depends on how you look at things- and behave. I think my life is a fairy tale- and it becomes one.

Bridge: What makes you happiest?

VH: Seeing an audience jump, sing and cheer to a chorus or a hook I wrote… Nothing beats that.

Bridge: Tell us one thing funny about you that you’ve never admitted before…

VH:Arrrrrghhhhhhhhh! OK! I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping malls! I love mall walking, even! There! I said it! I get it from dad- who was a business owner. He loved malls too. I realize this is rather pathetic but I just can’t help myself!

Bridge: What are you up to these days?

VH: Well- I have that duet single with Chauncey Dandridge out and about: ”Disco Brother”… It’s charting, it’s getting radio airplay. What started as a spoof is turning into an anthem to gay friendship hahahaha!
Also- I am working on my next album with Eryck Wyseman: recording is scheduled for fall. On the side – just to keep things extra-fun: I have a project with a high school buddy of mine- who is a musician… I hadn’t seen him in years. He came to one of my shows and it was like — ”Ok let’s do a song together”.

Bridge: You were chosen as August’s ”Montrealer of the month” by a company called ”JE TE LOVE”- how did that come about? And congrats!

VH: Well thank you! At first a very fabulous neighbor of mine pushed for me! But then I met the founder Nathalie Rabbat, and we clicked. I love that she is about a lifestyle, a philosophy before being about money. It’s a wonderful company. The quality of the clothes is exceptional, too. That interview was more of a conversation between friends- and hey- if I am Montreal’s montrealer of the month— not going to refuse it! I mean…

Bridge: Summer means ”vacation” for many… I heard you speak about the importance of holidays on a radio interview once- please amplify…

VH: I suppose that’s the European in me talking… In Europe people really take a lot of time off- not because they’re not passionate, but because they make space for emptiness. They actually take time to do nothing. I love that- it’s in my blood. I need ”unfilled” time. Like, on holiday, sometimes I’ll just stare at the rain hitting the ocean, or sit somewhere and gaze at the sky. I have an aunt in France, who will soon be 100. Brilliant woman- still lives in her house… She taught me to NEVER pick up the phone while eating. She’d say: ”Even if it’s the end of the world- the end of the world will have to wait- we- now- are enjoying this dinner”. I thought she was very smart. I don’t think I ever told her how valuable a habit she’d ”ingrained” in me.

Bridge: Are you on vacation soon, then?

VH: Yes- I am takin a full month to myself with at least 15 days without a phone! August 7th to Sept 7th- I am out of circulation! I’m going to see friends, I am going to exercise for hours, I’m going to go dancing, I’m going to enjoy long moments of silence, too! In the fall, I shall reappear refreshed and energized to take on whatever comes my way! I have a lot of work on my plate for 2022/2023!

Bridge: There’s a wisdom to you. It’s not just glitz and sequin scarves, is it?

VH: Anyone who thinks I’m all surface is an idiot, dear!

Bridge: God I love interviewing you!

VH: And I love you period!

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