Up-And-Coming Artist, Wize Kaizz, Overcomes Cancer And Restarts Music Career

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After being diagnosed with an agressive form of cancer, artist Wize Kaizz, made the transition from musician to rapper.

Hailing from Dearborn, IN, Kaizz’s love of music began in elementary school when he joined the band. Switching from woodwinds to percussion, he set out to learn as many instruments as he could.

It was that passion and the depth of his harrowing experiences that lead him to strike out on his own as an artist. He didn’t begin that journey until mid-2019 when he made his debut with the single “Here’s To Us” and has since dropped a follow up, “The Grind” available on all digital streaming platforms.

Given the trials and hardships he has endured, it will be interesting to see this rapper evolve as he continues to fuel his music with his personal victories and defeats.

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