UK Artist Thomas Kavanagh Announces New Single Releasing April 22nd

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After performing as the lead singer for the Top 40 Album rock group iDivide for eight years, artist Thomas Kavanagh is now doing things alone.

Check out our recent interview with the UK singer/songwriter who has a new single “Changing” out April 22nd.

Bridge: How long have you been making music?

TK: I have been doing music since I was about 13 years old when I got my first guitar from my parents!  over the years I’ve been in bands since secondary school ( high school) touring around the UK & Europe and playing all major UK Rock festivals. 

Bridge: How would you describe your sound to a first-time listener? 

TK: I would say my music is a cross between Dan & Shay meets Bryan Adams. I mix high energy with beautiful melodic lows. I’m trying to find that balance of Country and Rock. As I self-produce, mix and master all of my music. So it’s always fun and exciting with each release. 

Thomas Kavanagh – “Changing” – 2022

Bridge: What do you want your fans to feel when they listen to your music? 

TK: I want my fans to feel a sense of Excitement, escapism, and love. I really like to take my fans on a journey with my music and more so when I perform live. I think music is so wonderful and can take you right back to a certain moment, or create new memories. I wish one day one of my songs can be something that people will listen to it and be hit straight away to something amazing in their lives. 

Bridge: What is your creative process like?

TK: I tend to record voice memos on my phone. I have A LOT of bad things on there that I don’t think anyone will ever hear lol. But it usually starts off with that, where I try to create the sound by adding in drums with my mouth ahahaha. So then I would head to my studio, and grow it from there, also I will listen back to the memo, to see what sort of word phrases I’m trying to say, as I find the rawness of a song is usually the best way of its growth. I will also, take it down to a guitar or my piano to get a stripped version of the song if I feel it’s strong on its own like that then I know I’m onto a winner. 

Bridge: What is your go-to song whenever you’re going through some hard stuff…

TK: That’s a tough one, as my listening taste is very eclectic so sometimes it’s  Savage Garden or it’s Memphis May Fire. Very difficult that is… lol 

Bridge: Who would be your dream collaboration?

TK: I love to do something with Bryan Adams. I think we could work something up nicely. 

Bridge: Tell us about your current projects…

TK: So right now I have  11 songs and I’m now in the studio working on them for my debut album.  Very excited to get the project going and show the fans what my fellow songwriters and myself have been working on. 

Bridge: What else do you have going on that our readers should know about?

TK: I have a graphic design company which I do logo’s/social media and album artwork for. It’s something I work on when I’m not doing my music. It’s a nice breakaway. 

I am very DIY with my solo artist project, I do all my music production, photography, and graphic design.  I just really enjoy doing all that stuff and over the course of the pandemic, I worked and studied my craft to get better. So if you’re reading this and are interested in seeing some of my work then search for TK Designs. At the moment I can only been found on Instagram for that, so come and say hi 🙂 

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