Twinnie’s ‘Welcome To The Club: The Film’ Is As Heartfelt As It Is Authentic

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Twinnie-Lee Moore aka “Twinnie” is the quintessential complete package.

She’s a singer, a songwriter, an actress, and she possesses the kind of beauty that the entertainment industry was built on. The kind of beauty that you would attribute to a “star.” So, at first glance, you might expect from her what you’ve seen and heard many times before in song and in film.

I am more than happy to tell you…she’s so much more.

Twinnie has recently been described as a “breakthrough artist with a storytelling soul” for good reason.

I had the honor of attending CMT’s premiere of Twinnie’s film, ‘Welcome To The Club‘ this week in Nashville. The venue was as intimate as the crowd. Nothing gaudy, nothing showy or pretentious. Just a group of people there to appreciate the rising artist’s heartfelt project.

Twinnie greeted everyone who came in the door, doling out heartfelt “hellos” to those in attendance with a sweet spirit of gratitude and just a hint of endearing nervousness.

Twinnie at the CMT Premiere of ‘Welcome To The Club: The Film’

The lights dimmed and she took her place on the small stage across from Miles Adcox, podcast host, speaker, and mental wellness guide. Miles began asking her questions about the film and I have to say, I was blown away by her answers.

See, I come from an in-between generation of people who both began the arduous journey of discovering the truth about themselves and were consumed with the misplaced guilt of the societal standards of “strength” that preceded us. I, myself, did not start therapy until I was 26 years old, and even now, I find the subject hard to address.

Twinnie not only addresses it, she champions it, and ‘Welcome To The Club: The Film‘ is the fruit of that labor.

Raw, authentic, intentional, and genuine are just a few words I would use to describe this woman and this project. When Miles pointedly asked her about her vision for not only the film, but the EP that was released on BBR Music Group/BMG this summer, she said “I just really wanted to serve people with this EP.”

“Welcome To The Club” (2022)

Now I may not have been in this industry long, but I have been listening to music my whole life and reading interviews of the artists we come to know and love and not once in my long-legged life have I ever heard an artist lead with their desire to SERVE. And ladies and gentlemen, it’s not just an expression, Twinnie got REAL at her premiere, just like she did in the film and on the EP. ‘Welcome To The Club: The Film‘ shows scenes from a therapy session where Twinnie reveals her heart and lets her emotions flow for everyone to see. Tears, laughter, pain, it’s all there.

At one point in the discussion when Adcox spoke about the EP, you could hear her manager shout from his seat “It’s 100% authentic.”

Kudos to Twinnie for the strength it took to share a piece of art so deeply authentic, and kudos to BMG for giving her the space to champion such an important subject. The media giant could have just as easily put her talent and beauty in a neat little box, cashed their checks, and called it a day. This project, the film, the EP, the premiere, truly revived my faith in the direction the industry is going. Her willingness to talk about the hard things, the messy things, the not-so-feel-good things, and of course, doing it with stellar songwriting and masterful production.

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