Tunedly Paves The Way For Artists And Listeners With New Crypto Project TunedCoin

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If you’ve been in the music industry for longer than five minutes, you know just how volatile it can be. Thanks to social media and countless sharing apps, the internet is flooded with singers, songwriters, and musicians, all clamoring for a chance to be seen and heard.

Tunedly is here to give them that chance.

In a nutshell, Tunedly operates a music discovery platform where unsigned artists can upload their songs on the Music Discovery App and stream their songs alongside other unsigned artists but also with major label artists. The twist is, it doesn’t display any identifying information about the artists.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not.

On the Tunedly platform, there are no artist names, photos, or public “likes” or “play” numbers. This stripped-down approach allows listeners can decide if they like a song or not, purely based on the music, and thus, creates a level playing field for all artists.

But wait folks, that’s not all!

Tunedly - tunedcoin

“Music lovers and listeners can help us scout the best-unsigned music then we sign the best ones to publishing deals in partnership with Spirit Music Group,” says Tunedly.

Are you wondering what’s in it for the listener? (Other than getting exclusive access to brand new music from artists in all genres) Well, that’s where TunedCoin comes in.

They explain, “When a listener-scouted song gets signed, the listeners who helped us discover that particular song will not only receive an NFT of the song, but also a TunedCoin which will allow the listeners to also receive a share of future royalties.”

TunedCoin (TUC), is a versatile crypto token that prioritizes the users of Tunedly, rewarding their listening and giving them access to many unique features. Prior to the official ICO, interested parties can acquire TunedCoin by listening to music at the Tunedly Music Discovery app.

Tunedly is ever-evolving while they carry out the vision to help songwriters and other music creatives connect with professional recording and publishing. With the addition of TunedCoin, music lovers and listeners can take back control of the industry in a way we’ve never seen before.

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