Triple Threat Brey Releases New Single “IMU”

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Twenty-year-old triple threat Aubrey Greeley also known as Brey, grew up in the sunshine state of Florida and now resides on the East Coast in South Carolina. With music always playing a pivotal part of Brey’s life, she began on piano at age 8, and quickly found a love for the classical Cello, performing in multiple local orchestras with over 9 years under her belt, and ambitiously continued to pursue teaching herself the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar with over 5 years of experience to date. 

aubrey greeley imu

As a creative artist, singing and songwriting came naturally to the young musician, writing with a sensitive yet fierce lyrical style that captivates you from the start of each thumping alternative tune, and influences such as Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Sha Na Na, Abagail Barlow, and Halsey, showing through her stage presence, songwriting, and genuine persona. 
Currently, you can listen to Brey’s newest song, IMU, which released on April 8th, 2022 with much anticipation from fans on all streaming platforms. With a bold and vibrant beat contrasting with the deep alluring vocals Brey produced on the track, it’s sure to be a hit. Being described by Brey as a song about “…the feeling of being intoxicated by somebody. To the point where you can’t think straight and everything about them consumes you. To the point where you put their well-being above you every single time. 

It’s the realization that you really haven’t moved on from what happened and that you miss them, even despite as the song indulges in, trying to almost erase them (for example the line), “I can burn, everything from you but I can’t kill the thought of you…”  It’s missing somebody to the point where you feel insane by trying to separate your day to day life without them anymore.” it is something everyone can relate to experiencing at one point in their life. You can anticipate new music to come out frequently throughout this year and keep up with Brey’s life through social media. 

aubrey greeley imu

In 2020 Brey released her debut single, Getaway Car under the phenomenal record label Cosmic Wire, reaching a whopping 381,863 streams on Spotify, the song was a hit, landing on playlist such as Discover Weekly. Over 10 articles were written about the release, being described as, “one of those songs that gets in your head…” (The Static Dive) “a fierce message to the world but from a place of care, as if Brey is whispering to us things are tough but you will get through this time.” (baseline) GETAWAY WITH BREY’S ‘GETAWAY CAR’) , “An easy hit, timeless in style and yet considerably refreshing amidst the current pop landscape.” (Stereo Stickman)  Brey – Getaway Car – Stereo Stickman ) , and “one of those songs that you’ll be humming long after hearing. You might even hear it in your sleep, it’s that catchy!” (Curious For Music) Brey’s Cosmic Wire Debut: the unforgettable single ‘Getaway Car’ ) to name a few. 

Keep up with Aubrey on her socials below for the latest news, music and releases.

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