Toronto’s Elena Levy Releases Two New Singles

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Toronto artist Elena Levy recently traveled from the Great White North to our neck of the woods in Nashville, TN to record not one but two new singles, “Glass Box” and “On Me.”

In an industry of commercialism and surface-level lyrics, Elena’s vision is to make her music personal. She writes “with a purpose to share her past experiences in abstract ways, using the framework of fairytales and literature to tell stories of loss, trauma, and healing.”

With such clear and meaningful intentions, it’s no surprise that Levy is quickly rising.

The two singles, which were recorded at Zodlounge Studios, were written at different points in time but equally powerful.

“On Me”talks about oversleeping from stress, feeling overworked, and the conflict of caring for other people before caring for yourself. The artist says, “Sometimes we manage to believe that it’s our responsibility to fix everything, and we often look down on ourselves as a result of that. Writing this song helped bring a sense of self-awareness to those feelings.”

“Glass Box” is a sudden shift in perspective and “becomes a song about knowing what you’re worth and not allowing past trauma tie you down to a story someone else wants you to live in.”

With so much meaning and lyrics like “No use in glass slippers when, my white dress will always be torn,” Elena Levy may have missed her calling as a therapist.

There is no doubt that everyone can relate to the depth in her writing.

Check out her new tunes below and follow her on social media to keep up to date with her music.

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