TikTok Star And Comedian Kyle Gordon/DJ Crazy Times Drops Music Video To Viral Sensation ‘Planet of the Bass’

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New York-based comedian and BMG recording artist Kyle Gordon released today the official song and video for ‘Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica)’ from debut album Kyle Gordon Is Great due November 10 via BMG.

The TikTok teaser clips of ‘Planet of the Bass’ by Gordon as DJ Crazy Times went viral for its 1990s Eurodance parody surpassing 250M combined views across all social platforms. Gordon invited three TikTok creators to purposely lip-sync and portray a fictional character, Ms. Biljana Electronica on TikTok that included Audrey Trullinger in the original, Mara Olney, and most recently, Sabrina Brier.

The official music video features DJ Crazy Times, Gordon’s beloved character, along with the return of the original Ms. Biljana Electronica, performed by Trullinger following a week of buzz and internet speculation.

Gordon wrote the song to lovingly parody artists including Real McCoy, Culture Beat, and Aqua. The song is co-produced by Brooks Allison (Tonight Show writer), mixed and engineered by Jamie Siegel with Chrissi Poland on vocals. Gordon’s brother, Sam Gordon shot the viral Tiktok series, and the full-length music video was shot in Ohio by Loose Films.

Kyle Gordon Is Great is a collection of musical genre parodies, each featuring different characters that Kyle created. The album is anchored by interstitial fake radio broadcasts, forming an overarching concept similar to flipping through various genres while driving in your car.

To catch Gordon in his act, he’ll be performing music from the album on Monday, August 21 at Slate NY. He also has US and UK dates in the fall/winter.

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