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-Tian Boothe

American film director, producer and musician Tian Boothe is a force to be reckoned with.

Tian is known for her passionate narration of storytelling through songs and films. Talented artists run through her mothers side of the family while her fathers side include artists and musicians so there was no doubt she would end up talented in this field.

In 2015 she switched from her career as a Software Engineer and moved to Los Angeles to study cinema production where she was professionally trained by top producers and cinematographers. Tian has received awards and distinction for her work throughout the years. She is well known for Shattered Dream and E.R. Compliance

Tian Boothe – 2022

Take a minute to think about that. You’re a young woman who left your home to study a practical career like Software Engineering in a foreign country and if that bravery wasn’t enough, you then make the scary choice to be true to yourself and change your career path to pursue your passion.

One of the reasons I wanted to write about Tian Boothe is because of her story, her strength, her grit and determination. This is the example we love to highlight here at Bridge, this is authenticity at it’s finest.

This is a powerful woman.

We sat down with Tian to ask her some questions and to gain some insight into who she is and what is going on in her world…

Bridge: Tell us who you are and all of the beautiful hats you wear…

TB: My name is Tian Boothe. I am a music artist, songwriter and director. Art has been forever written in my blood and there is no denying it or running from it because everything in life keeps me in the flow of creativity. I love my craft and I love to see other artists and musicians work as well.

Bridge: From software engineer to studying cinema, what was it like taking that leap??

TB: It was very exciting actually. It was snowing over on the East coast. I was actually two months pregnant and the father stated he didn’t want a black child so I took that statement as a sign from the universe – left my tech job and headed west to move to California because that is where my soul felt that I needed to be – in some warm weather with fellow like minded artists while enjoying this new life inside of me. After moving to Cali I spent months checking out film schools and the new city then right after my child was born I jumped right into cinema production. I am one of those people who is always in school or seminars because it brings me pleasure to learn different points of views or new subjects. Definitely have to thank my son Tai Boothe for the big leap!

Bridge: Tell us about your current projects…

TB: I have just released a single titled “CP Original” and I also have the music video for this being released on March 27th. It was very fun to do and quite different from my usual work which tends to be more on the serious side and I hope viewers will enjoy it.

Bridge: Where do you find inspiration for your works?

TB: My inspiration comes from me wanting to express myself and with limited sources of releasing such energy I find music and writing to be my number one avenue. I enjoy working with people and creating real events and even stories that are just from my imagination.

Bridge: What do you hope your fans glean from your works?

TB: I really just hope they enjoyed the moments spent listening or watching the content I have provided them and even get inspiration to create something of their own as well.

Bridge: What are some big goals you have for yourself in the coming years?

TB: Honestly I have recently decided I would love to get married and I would also like to have free time from working to be able to go back to helping orphans and animals because that is what makes me happy.

Bridge: Add humanitarian to your hat collection!

One absolutely random, fun fact about you…

TB: I don’t like candy (laughs)

Bridge: What?! I hope that rubs off on me because I like it WAY too much!

“CP Original” – 2022

If you could collaborate with anyone on any kind of project, who/what would it be and why?

TB: I don’t have any special person in mind. My parents never worked for anyone; they were business owners and they taught me to do things myself. I have only recently learned about this word collab after moving to California. When people use that term it tends to mean “you help me with my project and I’ll help you with your project” – which I had bad experiences with when I was seventeen in college and people would call me unpleasant names when they didn’t get the same outcome as me after I helped them on their projects. So I rather just try to figure things out myself instead of bothering people or making them feel obligated to assist honestly and just hire someone for a position instead of “collaborating”.

Bridge: What projects do you have coming up?

TB: There is a song I have been working on with a special someone but it has been a little tricky to finish it because of the melody so it’s still in the works but I hope we will complete it real soon.

Bridge: Anything else we need to know?

TB: Go check out the “CP Original” music video that released March 27, 2022.

Bridge: Current favorite song…

TB: I don’t listen to music often because I am mostly working throughout the day and while I work it’s easier for me to listen to a movie/tv show as the background sound for better concentration. But the last song I danced to that wasn’t mine was Essence by WizKid. Lovely song.

Follow Tian on social media to keep up with the latest from this Renaissance Woman.

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