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Producer, engineer and artist, Thorn Haze, is just getting started…

Bridge: Tell us in your own words who you are…

TH: I am a man who strives for harmony, equal rights, and love. Life is too short to not make an effort for everyone to have a fair chance. I am a musician but I am also an engineer/producer for musicians.

Bridge: In this digital age where it is difficult to control the flow of information about yourself, what is the most important thing you want your fans to know about you?

TH: In my own words, I’d like my fans and potential fans to know that my music can be a mixed bag. Not all of my songs are in the same genre. My music represents who I am and sometimes we experiment in our own journey. Honesty is what I prefer in artistry and I could contradict myself if I didn’t do it myself.

Bridge: I love your name! What is the story behind it?

TH: Well, my name is Thomas Hays and occasionally I would go by Thom Hays. It all started when I was signing up for a gym membership and I was writing my name down for their paperwork. My handwriting is poor and even I have trouble reading it at times if I’m writing in a hurry. They sent me an email confirmation saying that “Thorn Hays” signed up. If you squint your eyes, you can see how Thom and Thorn look similar. The last portion was to not confuse my family and friends so I decided upon Haze instead of Hays.

Bridge: I read you have a background in audio engineering! That is incredible! How does your expertise come into play when you are making your own music?

TH: Yes, I am an audio engineer. Being an engineer cuts cost down for many of my productions. One of my dreams as a kid was to have a recording studio in my home so I could make as much music as possible at a high quality. It also allows me to work at my own pace, whether I’m the hare or tortoise for a specific project. Being an engineer is rewarding because I get to listen to all sorts of music while working. It is inspiring to be in the room where the magic is being made.

Bridge: If you had to choose between production and performing, which would you choose?

TH: As Thorn Haze, I have performed. For the time being, it is in production.

Bridge: Who are you influences in music?

TH: As far as artists go, I enjoy listening to Arthur Russell and Nick Drake mostly. I like to study producers/engineers as well: Sylvia Massy, Steve Albini, and Rick Rubin are a few people I would like to meet one day. More so than music, I find myself being inspired by filmmakers. Andrei Tarkovsky, Stanley Kubrick, and David Lynch are all directors I enjoy drawing inspiration from.

Bridge: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

TH: I would love to collaborate with David Lynch in some way or another. I have a friend in France who helped translate a section of a project Mr. Lynch was working on. I can’t remember if it was for a script or for distribution purposes but his total interaction was short, maybe a day. Either way, these little stories add up and end up being the foundation for the next generation. It’s what we are ultimately preparing for. Any collaboration could be life-changing, so you have to be trusting in the people you collaborate with.

Bridge: What projects are you currently working on?

TH: At the moment of writing this, I just released a new EP called “purgatory.” It’s my 7th EP of 2021. I have plans for 12 EPs in 2021 and my first full-length in 2022. All of the material has been recorded but post-production is still in the works.

Bridge: If you could give one piece of advice to young men following in your footsteps, what would it be?

TH: I would like to modify this question to also include women and the LGBTQ+ community. My advice for anyone following in my footsteps would be the following: be honest with yourself and embrace that to the fullest. Some people might not understand your true self but lying to yourself hurts everyone. Some days are harder than others so it is important to maintain your mental health. Take breaks. Go outside and see what this world is all about. Practice your craft. Know your strengths to understand when you can help others, and know your weaknesses to understand when you need help. Taking care of yourself will make you an unstoppable force of love that will inspire generations to come.

Follow Thorn’s journey through the industry on Instagram and check out his project on Spotify and Apple Music below!

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