The Imaginaries Release New Single “Things Are Gonna Be Alright” Ahead Of Nashville Show

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Husband and wife duo The Imaginaries have had a whirlwind year.

Not only did the creative couple write and produce the soundtrack for the film, A Cowgirl’s Song, which made it’s debut on Netflix August 21, they also acted in the project and made their debut as film producers.

That’s not all. Maggie McClure and Shane Henry just dropped their newest single Things Are Gonna be Alright, available everywhere now.

The song was co-written by Jeff Silbar (Wind Beneath My Wings) and will be accompanied by a cinematic video next week. In true fashion for The Imaginaries, Things Are Gonna Be Alright delivers a universal and relevant message of hope to listeners.

We sat down with the duo to talk about the film, the music and where you can see them on the road…

Bridge: You made your debut as film producers on “A Cowgirl’s Song,” which premiered on Netflix last month, what was that like? Was it scary diving into that side of the film world?

Shane: It has been an amazing experience to witness A Cowgirl’s Song being released in theaters, on digital and demand, and now on Netflix and DVD! We had a lot of questions that we had to figure out the answers to throughout the entire 16-month process, but it was an invaluable experience we wouldn’t trade for the world. We learned so much and are very grateful for the opportunity to be involved with this awesome film and soundtrack.

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Bridge: Where did the opportunity to be involved with the Cowgirls N’ Angels franchise begin?

Maggie: Writer/director Timothy Armstrong licensed one of my songs “Good Morning and Good Night” for the opening credits of his feature film Cowgirls ‘N Angels in 2011. From there, I/we have worked with him on almost every film he’s worked on since, getting more and more involved each time. We were very happy to have the invitation to be so involved with A Cowgirl’s Song.

Bridge: How did acting in and producing the film play a role in your approach to the soundtrack?

Shane: Many times being a part of the music department only, you don’t get to be as involved with the project as a whole. But for this film, we were very involved with every single detail from the beginning, so we were able to completely dive into the world of the characters and story and truly and deeply craft the songs to be exactly what they needed to be to support the storyline and support what was happening in each scene. 

Bridge: You have a new single dropping today, “Things Are Gonna Be Alright.” Congratulations, by the way! Can you give us the story and inspiration behind this track? What message do you want listeners to get from the song?

Shane: Thank you. I wrote this song a few years ago while going through some serious health issues from an appendectomy surgery. I had never experienced the empathy and the serious concern my family had for my health and well being. While I was at home recovering, I had a restless night and ended up going into my studio at 4 a.m., and the song just wrote itself. A few months later, I finished the bridge with my co-writer Jeff Silbar. I wanted to comfort my family and let them know that things were going to be alright, and I honestly needed to convince myself of that as well. Little did we know that a worldwide pandemic was about to hit, and the song has really taken on a new meaning since. It’s a relevant message that a lot of people need to hear right now. 

The Imaginaries, Maggie McClure and Shane Henry release new single things are gonna be alright
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Bridge: You also filmed a music video for “Things Are Gonna Be Alright” that will be coming out soon. What can you tease about the video?

Maggie: This is our first time to work with Chakra Productions out of OKC. We are blown away with how this music video has turned out. This is the first music video we’ve done that’s included so many other actors. Their performances are really amazing. We can’t wait for the world to see this music video that is also truly a short film. It has a very powerful message that we hope inspires and encourages everyone who watches it.

Bridge: You have an upcoming show at The Basement in Nashville as well as tour dates in Dallas and Tulsa. How would you describe what fans can expect to experience at your shows?

Maggie: We are thrilled to be back on the road playing shows this fall. We’re excited to be playing songs from our debut album, songs from the soundtrack, new tunes as well as our new single, “Things Are Gonna Be Alright.” We will be performing with a full band in Tulsa and Nashville. Fans can expect a fun night of love, music, and stories behind the songs! 

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