The Frst Drops New Rock Opera Single “Trust Fall”

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Nashville indie-rock band The Frst just dropped “Trust Fall,” the rock opera you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for.

The track both rewards and challenges with its powerful themes about facing fears and conquering your demons. With a balance between self-reflection and self-reliance “Trust Fall” is an easy, loud, powerful, thoroughly enjoyable sell, thriving on the band’s signature blend of rock, grit, and bravery with their sounds.

The Frst has been blazing trails though the indie-rock genre since 2017 when founder Mikei Gray was looking to fill the gap between his spectrum of experiences and focus on forging a project that encompassed hard rock riffs and meaningful songwriting.

Gray had previously worked as a touring musician for artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Portugal, The Man, and The Sublime with Rome, from venues all over like The Grand Ole Opry to the Vans warped Tour.

Gray founded The Frst, intentionally leaving out the “I”, due to the band’s changing nature and revolving line up. Since the formation, Gray has elicited the support of featured artists like Nathan Cogan of Taking Back Sunday along with Andrew Leahey (Thirty Tigers), Jeff Hutchins (Insane Clown Posse), Justin Smith (Rodney Atkins), Eric Barfield (Evans Blue) and others to realize his ideas for his debut album Prelude, pegged by the single “Ammo”, which peaked at No. 1 on Soundcloud’s USA Rock Chart and “Tarantino” which also climbed to No. 1 on US FM Radio (KXFM) and No. 78 on iTunes’ Top 100 Rock Songs Chart. His subsequent releases and collaborations such as “This is me Now (feat. Kid Brunswick)” and Pop Punk song (feat. Dead Bundy) were equally as successful and paved the way for Gray to continue his experimental creative approach that boasts the meaning of songwriting and collaboration while blurring the line between genres.

“Trust Fall” is a prime example of the evolution of Gray’s experimental genius.

The single welcomes listeners new and old with a strong sound collage: heavy guitars, galloping drums, catchy riffs & a charming vocal melody, an overall slick arrangement. It lands like a thunderstorm, speeding through the language of conquering your demons and growing stronger, a very meaningful theme of youthful optimism. With the capacity to punch holes in the roof, Gray & co. have created something uniquely beautiful and powerful. He brings his own sentimental ideas to life through this song, making him feel alive, painting a picture of life from his perspective.

“it [Trust fall] was written during a time of desperation in my life; so sonically, I wanted there to be a warmth that feels like your favorite thrift store cardigan

-Mikei Gray

​“Trust Fall” gracefully adorns the alluring sound of a modern indie rock, pop-rock and hope-beat track. “It was written during a time of desperation in my life; so sonically, I wanted there to be a warmth that feels like your favorite thrift store cardigan, while the lyrics brokenheartedly champion the underdog. Overall there’s a general sense of urgency and youthful optimism that feels both classic and fresh,” says Gray. 

“Trust Fall” (2022)

It’s impossible to ignore the meaningful theme that Gray offers, combining his lyrical abilities along with the music and his soaring vocals. A feeling of power-charged optimism rushes through you after giving it a listen. The band pushes this approach of creating something significant and relevant to the next level, transforming every phase into a dreamlike sparkling hooks. It doesn’t take much to understand how well Trust Fall catches you down. Overall a complete, charged up, electrifying single.

Mixed by Grammy winner Steve Hardy (Alicia Keys, Jay Z) and mastered by Andy VanDette (David Bowie, Sublime, The Beastie Boys, Rush) the single lifts off even much higher reaching its potential, shimmering and shining, showcasing its optimistic narrative and well placed arrangements. 

“Trust Fall” is an expressive leap of optimistic thoughts, unearthing the belief of conquering your demons within. It’s the magic key to the youthful optimism that Gray wants to portray. An amplified hearing, a passageway with our inner self.

“Trust Fall” is available everywhere now.

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