The Astronomers Release Powerful Single About Mental Health “Talk About It”

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The latest release from Fond du Lac natives Ben Baker and Micheal Stensland, known collectively as The Astronomers, is a mesmerizing single titled “Talk About It.” This remarkable track not only showcases their musical prowess but also brings attention to the crucial importance of mental health. Empathetically recognizing that countless individuals silently grapple with internal struggles, “Talk About It” serves as a beacon of hope and a poignant reminder that discussing our experiences is not only acceptable but also essential for our well-being.

The Astronomers have consistently surpassed expectations with each new release, continually pushing the boundaries of their musical creativity. Seamlessly blending beautiful improvisations, thought-provoking lyrics, and snapshots of life’s tumultuous journey, this talented duo creates an enchanting tapestry of sound that captivates listeners.

Talk About It” is a heartfelt composition that not only acknowledges the challenges many face but also provides solace and reassurance. With its captivating melody and insightful lyrics, the song aims to inspire listeners to break free from the societal stigmas surrounding mental health and embrace vulnerability as a sign of strength. The inspiration behind “Talk About It” came from the popular series “Ted Lasso,” which explores mental health as a central theme. By encouraging individuals to open up to their loved ones

The Astronomers Release Powerful Single About Mental Health "Talk About It"
“Talk About It” (2023)

Since their formation in 2019, The Astronomers have taken great pride in their independence. Hailing from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the duo meticulously creates, records, mixes, and masters their music, resulting in a distinctive and authentic sound. Their breakthrough came in 2020 with the release of “Overthinking,” which caught the attention of top 40 radio stations, including 101.1 WIXX, where it reached number one on Christmas Eve. Following this success, subsequent singles like “Bad Type” and “Hotel Rooms” gained full rotation status, with “Hotel Rooms” even charting at number 88 on US Top 40 radio and securing the top spot on 101.1 WIXX.

In early 2023, The Astronomers embarked on a memorable Midwest tour to promote their debut album, “The Occasion.” The tour culminated in a mesmerizing performance at the Rock Boat XXII festival at sea, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Recently, the duo graced the stage at a festival cruise from Miami to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, sharing the spotlight with acclaimed artists such as American Authors, LIT, and Neon Trees.

Having recently unveiled “Orange Afternoon” and “Last Call,” two captivating tracks from Chapter 4, The Astronomers have just concluded their highly anticipated West Coast tour in June 2023 and are now preparing for an exciting East Coast tour this fall. Approaching the milestone of 1 million Spotify monthly listeners, the duo’s dynamic fusion of rock, pop, and electronic elements is carving a remarkable path for them in the music industry.

The undeniable talent of The Astronomers, coupled with their captivating live performances and genuine sound, is propelling them towards becoming a household name. By addressing significant issues through their music and advocating for open communication about mental health, they have solidified their position as artists who deeply resonate with their audience. As they continue to push creative boundaries and explore new sonic territories, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in The Astronomers’ extraordinary musical journey.

Listen to “Talk About It” here

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