Ten Questions With Los Angeles’ Newest Star, Jamal Cristopher

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After amassing more than 80,000 followers on social media, Rapper and Social Media Influencer Jamal Cristopher is quite the busy man these days. Recently releasing his latest song, Cristopher wants to give the people more. “I just wanted to give the people that and I’m glad they enjoyed it” Cristopher says. “I don’t know about a project yet but more new music is on the way.

Growing a huge following as a rapper was once the only goal Jamal Cristopher had set for himself. But after years of releasing singles and songs and receiving little fanfare, Jamal had to make a change. “I knew I couldn’t continue to operate the same way. I was releasing good music, but nobody knew who I was. Music is one thing, but the music business is another. I had to figure out how to get my name bigger.” Through growing his name on his social media platforms, Cristopher got his wish. Now, leaning into being a social media influencer, the goal has expanded. “I realize if you do it right, people care about the little details of your life that make your life special. So I kept sharing where I like to eat, what I wear,, and I’m just appreciative of the growth.” 

With the release of his new song, “Any Other Way” making its way around the world, we caught up with Jamal Cristopher for 10 questions.

Bridge: Where are you from?

JC: Los Angeles, California. Leimert Park specifically. 

Bridge: How Did You Get Started?

JC: I started doing music seriously my freshman year of college, and just kept at it. And through that and trying to grow, that evolved into what I am today.

Bridge: Hardest challenge you’ve had to overcome is?

JC: Staying patient.

Bridge: Who are some of the people that have influenced you the most?

JC: My family. My family and life really is what I’m influenced by the most.

Bridge: Who are the celebrities that have inspired you the most?

JC: Drake and Kanye West. 

Bridge: Who did you grow up listening to?

JC: Drake, Kanye, 2Pac, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, Big Sean, The Isley Brothers, A lot of oldies and & R&B, list goes on.

Bridge: What is something most people don’t know about you?

JC: I’d say that I spend a ton of time to myself.

Bridge: Who have you been compared to?

JC: I like to leave comparisons alone. I’m trying to become the first me.

Bridge: When did you know that you could be successful at what you’re doing?

JC: The moment I started to be honest.

Bridge: Who is Jamal Cristopher?

JC: Someone who wants to inspire through honesty, and giving people a piece of himself.

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