Spotlight: Singer, Songwriter And Multi-Instrumentalist, Mitch Linker

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Mitch Linker is a Connecticut-based multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter who composes lush, melodic, melancholic, 70s-influenced pop rock. Fans of artists such as Elton John, REM, Keane, Rufus Wainwright, Fountains of Wayne, Ron Sexsmith, Matthew Sweet, and Squeeze will surely enjoy his sophisticated, yet instantly hummable melodies, sweet tenor, and wall-of-sound production.  From the mid-90s through 2008, Linker recorded and toured extensively as a solo artist as well as the lead singer of beloved art pop bands The Dent and The Day Traders.

In 2008, Linker put music on hold to focus on other endeavors, to include writing a memoir in part about his career in music called, “No One Dreams of Being a Fundraiser: My Unexpected Journey from Music to Major Gifts.” After a 13-year hiatus from music, and with the help of producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, Brett Kull (Echolyn, Grey Eye Glances, Rise Twain), Linker returned in 2020 with a new E.P., I’ll Take My Chances. Months later, he released his 2nd EP of 2020, Maybe Tomorrow.

Encouraged by the positive feedback his 2020 EPs received, Linker spent much of 2021 working with Brett on his first full-length solo album in 15 years, In Time.  Linker spent nearly a decade and a half out of the music industry, however, almost inexplicably, his absence served him well as he’s never sounded this confident, yet tender as a singer, lyricist and tunesmith. We’re glad he’s returned to share his observations and vulnerabilities with us.

“Fantastic production, spectacular arrangements, beautiful melodies, and heartfelt stories make this release a classic in the making.”

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