Spotlight: Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer Saul Ayotte’s Music Evolution

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The Saul Ayotte Project is a New England-based group led by singer, songwriter, musician and performer Saul Ayotte.  Saul’s musical journey began at an early age.  He taught himself how to play numerous instruments as a young child including drums, bass, guitar and piano. For many years, Ayotte performed throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the surrounding states doing covers and originals.  

He then began focusing on his original songs and the sound evolved into what we hear today. Saul explained he wants his music to be universal so it allows the listeners to “connect with their own meanings and interpretations, resulting in a more personal connection to his songs.”  I found all of his songs to be extremely well written, memorable and moving.

For Fans Of:  Journey, Boston, Led Zeppelin

Check out Saul on Spotify.

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