Song House And Kyndal Inskeep Release Powerful New Single, “Honest”

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There are a lot of great songs out there. The world is brimming with talent as the evolution of technology has brought the gifts of many a musical soul to rest in the palms of our hands.

But every once in a while, a song comes out that tears down the facade many of us hide behind. Not in an effort to be inauthentic, but in order to survive.

A song that put words to the silent cries of our hearts and a melody to our circumstance.

“Honest” by Song House and Kyndal Inskeep is one of those songs.

Written as if Kyndal and the creative minds at Song House had been privy to the pages of our journals, “Honest” hits hard in all the places we need to be seen. It exposes the depths of the reality of the human condition and makes people like me feel a little bit less alone.

Song House may have already been on your radar as of late, with the sassy viral sensation “Round Hole” featuring Rebecca Brunner. Boasting Brunner’s velvety tone and impressive range, the anthemic “Round Hole” also made many people feel understood.

Truthfully, Song House has a different feel to me than many of the other communities of songwriters here in Nashville. They are all an absolute wonder, don’t get me wrong, but there is something special going on here that I truly believe will affect the music world as a whole. (Spoiler alert: pretty sure it’s Jesus)

We can’t wait to see what they create next.

Stream “Honest” – available everywhere now.

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