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Billie Eilish Celebrates Unintentional “Coming Out” at Variety’s Hitmakers Event

In a surprise revelation at Variety's Hitmakers event, Billie Eilish confirmed what some fans might have suspected: she's attracted...

Source is a psychedelic prog band hailing from the great state of Colorado. This unique group has been making music since 2014 and just released their 3rd album, “Ethereal Self.”

Get to know what inspires the eclectic group, what they think about their music, and their goals for the upcoming year…

Bridge: How would you describe your music?

SOURCE: Our music is a blend of progressive rock and metal with a strong psychedelic influence. We are a trio with Benjamin Gleason on vocals and guitar, Justin Mirarck on drums and Pascal Faurie on bass. 

Bridge: Where do you draw your inspiration as an artist from?

SOURCE: The biggest influence on our music is our growth as people and our journey through the human experience. We use music to tell our stories of what it means to be a human. 

Bridge: What’s been the most rewarding part of being in the music industry?

SOURCE: The most rewarding part of playing music is being able to share a common resonance with people. Through our music we are able to share and connect with amazing people and create a deeper sense of connection for everyone. I think that is so important in a world which seems to grow exponentially more divided every day. 

Bridge: What current projects/releases do you have going on?

SOURCE: We recently released our 3rd album “Ethereal Self” which we recorded, mixed and produced entirely ourselves. We also released it as an augmented reality box set which is one of the coolest things we have created as a band. (Demo video attached) 

Bridge: Favorite song you’ve written and why?

SOURCE: That’s a very difficult question. I guess i would say the last song on our new album “Pupa”. It’s such a musical journey and lyrically it speaks to something larger than anything I have articulated previously. I also think the lyrics to the song “The Witness” on our last album “Totality” are some of the best I’ve written. 

Bridge: Who would be your dream collaboration?

SOURCE: Hands down Bjork. I would be so honored to work with her. She is one of the most unique and inspiring musicians i’ve ever heard. I’d live to sing a duet with her as a Source song. 

Bridge: What is your vision and goals for your music in 2022?

SOURCE: Our 2022 vision is to get back on tour! The industry has suffered immensely from covid but things are coming back. We want to tour a few times next year. We also plan on releasing 2 new singles which will be part of our 4th album. 

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