Brenda Cay Releases Energetic New Single, “This Ain’t That”

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Brenda Cay’s new release, called This Ain’t That, brings to the audience a great country atmosphere while discussing a love that feels unbelievable. 

Starting with upbeat country energy, the song sets a happy and contagious romantic atmosphere for the story being portrayed. The continuous upbeat melody, with great guitar moments, brings a dreamy feeling to the listener as they imagine the scenes being sung, such as “when you shot me that look over drinks at the bar.” 

“This Ain’t That” (2022)

In addition, the chorus where Brenda describes the person’s characteristics (“Gotta look in your eyes I can’t get over; something ‘bout your smile is pulling me closer”) makes the audience think about their own experiences, which increases their connection. Furthermore, the lyrics make the song really catchy, as the audience will be able to sing along easily and have the song stuck in their minds. 

The artist does a great job conveying dreamy and romantic feelings with her voice as she sings in a smooth tone, almost as if she was daydreaming about the situation. 

About Brenda Cay

Brenda Cay Releases Energetic New Single, “This Ain’t That”

Brenda focuses on Country music and her songs are crafted with subtle hints of pop, rock, and R&B which reflect influences from artists Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark and Sara Evans. She states, “Sometimes there’s something deep on my heart that I need to share and other times there’s a shot of whiskey begging me to tell it’s story with a fun melody.” Escaping the stresses of daily life and having fun are common themes, but she is unafraid to tackle more serious topics. Her songs are relatable, diverse and she weaves them like a true country music storyteller.

Cay had no idea that it would be her songwriting that would forge the path for her to sign with Heart Songs Records in 2020. After signing, she released her “Fragile Like a Bomb” EP which was exclusively premiered on Pro Country. It garnered 12 licensing deals and had two tracks featured on Apple Music Hot Tracks (Country). The EP currently has over 1.9 million Spotify streams. She kicked 2021 off strong with two follow-up singles, “Alone With You,” and “Wherever You Are,” which have over 650K streams and the corresponding videos have 100K views

Stream & Download “This Ain’t That here and be sure to connect with Brenda Cay at

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