Shania Twain Teams Up With Pop Singer Jax To Advocate For Change

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Country music queen Shania Twain and viral pop sensation Jax are joining forces to advocate for body positivity and to inspire young women everywhere.

The pair recently addressed the epidemic affecting both young men and women alike. In a now-viral TikTok, the women put a spotlight on the issue by penning a letter to their younger selves.

Shania and Jax began lip-syncing the lyrics to Jax’s hit anthem, “Victoria’s Secret.” The song puts the lingerie giant in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, blaming the company for promoting impossible beauty standards then profiting off of the toxic marketing.

After mouthing part of the song, the pair then share their thoughts on the subject.


Dear Younger Self, Love, Me and @Shania Twain ❤️ 🥹👂🏼 #VictoriasSecret #Psst #selflove #foryou

♬ Victoria’s Secret – Jax

“Beauty is a patriarchal construct designed to manipulate women into thinking they need to attain the unattainable. Conference rooms of powerful perverts who look a lot like your grandpa will ironically decide the definition of ‘sexy’ and ‘attractive,’” they wrote within the video. “12-year-old, you will take this standard VERY seriously. You will watch the Victoria’s Secret Angel Show at a sleepover and cry quietly when your friends fall asleep. As you get older, this marketing scheme will result in your battles with mental illness, health problems, self-hatred, eating disorders, and this is no accident,” they added.

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