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Originally from Northern Kentucky, singer Scotty Hasting joined the military in 2010…

Hasting was shot 10 times while on patrol in Afghanistan, it was then that he found music to be the ultimate therapy…

After being wounded, Hasting was sent to Landstuhl, Germany for treatment before being sent back to the states. Among other things, he suffers from nerve damage in his hand. In order to play his guitar, he has to wear a device called “Strum-N-Comfort” on his right thumb.

Once stateside, Hasting was sent to Walter Reed receiving inpatient treatment for a month then moving to outpatient while still living on the campus. As soon as his guys returned from deployment, Scotty then moved back to Fort Riley where he continued his treatment for another four years.

During his time at Fort Riley, Hasting discovered adaptive sports. It was a natural fit for him as he had grown up playing sports. He tried every sport they had to offer but fell in love with archery. However, because of the nerve damage in his trigger finger, Hasting was dangerous with the bow at first. So dangerous, in fact, that his instructor told him to give up. But as Hasting said “ I was hell bent on learning how to shoot. I figured that my right hand was no good to do it, so I learned to shoot left handed.”

Scotty became so good at archery that he won the very first competition he ever entered. He was later recruited by the U.S. Paralympic committee to try out for the U.S. Paralympic program. He made the score he needed to qualify and began to compete full time. Little did he know, the world was about to be shut down.

When Covid hit , archery was shut down and Hasting found himself needing to pass the time. That’s when he decided to learn the guitar.

Scotty had sang his whole life in church with his mom. If not with his mom, then he would find himself sitting in his dad’s car singing every song on his Garth Brooks cassette tape. So it only made sense for his life to be brought back full circle to music.

He quickly got an opportunity to compete in a songwriter’s competition called “Nashville’s Best of 3.” When he arrived at the competition, he found himself nervous and his adrenaline pumping. It was that energy surge that caused him to find his new therapy; performing. “When I’m on stage, nothing else matters but me and the music,” says Hasting. “I found therapy in a new form and began writing my own songs. I just dropped my first ever single, “Truck It” and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out!”

We had to sit down with the miracle man to pick his brain and get to know him a bit more…

Bridge: First of all, thank you so much for you service! We do not take that or your sacrifice lightly!

Now, can you tell us the role music has played in your life? Did any particular song or genre help in your recovery?

SH: Music has always played a huge role in my life from going to church with my mom or listening to friends in low places cassette tape on repeat in my dad’s car. I have always been surrounded by music. I have been singing since I was a child, but I actually just recently since covid started learned how to play the guitar. Performing on stage is something I have always wanted to do and one day I told myself why not. So I went for it!

Courtesy of Scotty Hasting Music

Bridge: Who are your primary musical influences?

SH: My primary influence is Garth Brooks, his songs on repeat in my dad’s car are what made me fall in love with country music. His songs were raw and from the heart, but then he had fun songs that you wanted to just listen to over and over again while having a good time. His ability to truly attach himself to the fans was second to none and he was and still is an amazing performer.

Bridge: Your new single, Truck It, is awesome! What is the story behind that song?

SH: The story behind “Truck It” was I went to a co-write with my buddies Jake Parshall and Liam Slater, and I wanted to write something different. Before I linked up with them I had a bunch of love songs that I have written for my girlfriend and continue to write to this day. Those songs are the songs closest to my heart. I wanted to do something different something fast paced and more southern rock sounding. I want a song that was in your face and that people could roll down their windows and turn up loud. So we came up with truck it. Its just a fun summer loud song, and I love it.

Bridge: Are you working on any new projects right now?

SH: I am working on some other songs! I am working on getting some of the love songs I have mentioned before recorded and out and I’m working on a couple more fast paced in your face songs like truck it. Hopefully they will be out soon! Unfortunately I am having to pay for studio time and stuff out of pocket so they are happening as I have time to save up and they are available.

Courtesy of Scotty Hasting Music

Bridge: What are your goals for your music career?

SH: My goal for my music career is to be a household name I want to be someone that makes people feel emotions whether it be pain, happiness, love or any emotion within the spectrum. As a disabled musician because of my combat injury and disability. I want to inspire people to push past what they think they can accomplish in life and strive to pursue what they thought they never could. I want to be an example for people with injuries or disabilities or even people with doubts. I want to show people that your dreams can still be your dreams, and they don’t have to go away because of an injury or disability, and that they can make their dreams come true if they are willing to work for them.

Bridge: Where can we see you performing next?

SH: I’m usually playing 5-6 shows a week in and around Nashville. My social media pages usually have my schedule on them so if anyone wants to come see me play it is absolutely available through my social media or website.

Bridge: If you had to pick one song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

SH: A song for the soundtrack of my life? That’s a tough one. “The River” by Garth Brooks. You never know what’s ahead so just keep pushing and see what this life has in store for you. There will always be things pulling you down or pulling you away from your dream or what you want in life, just keep pushing forward. I could have given up after my Injury, but I have pushed myself and fought for what I have now and I will never stop pushing and fighting.

Keep up with Scotty on social media, download his new single, “Truck It” and check out the story of his injury at the YouTube link below.

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