Sally Sossa: As Real As They Come

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Houston native, Sally Sossa, is so much more than a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and rapper…she is real.

The kind of “real” that bridges the gap between the seemingly untouchable stars of the music industry and the hard-working artists paying their dues on the streets of the city music scenes and dreaming of the “big time.”

We were honored to sit in on a recent press conference with Sossa, where her infectious charm and authenticity poured through the computer screens of each publication that tuned in. 

With a million-dollar smile and brightly colored hair, Sally graciously thanked each journalist as they asked their respective questions. She answered each with honesty….and a whole lot of personality. 

It’s easy to see why Sossa is winning over fans across the country with her raw lyrics – “I was heartbroken the first day I was born,” her real flow, and an underlying air of thankfulness of where she’s at. “All glory to the Most High,” she said at one point during the interview. Sally is grounded in her faith and counts her blessings, and it shows in every single answer.

As a young child growing up in the cultural hub of Houston, Texas, Sally competed in rap battles with her family. “I won,” she remembered with a nostalgic smile, “I started to flow and my family couldn’t believe it.”

Sossa was also an avid basketball player. So good, in fact, that she could have just as easily chosen a career in basketball as she did in music. A natural talent in many ways, she seems to have fun doing it all.

Sally Sossa – “Star Song” feat. Lil Durk

When it comes to rap, Sally is one of those artists that was born to spit bars. Listen to one of her tracks and you’ll quickly see that it’s a gift, one she hasn’t squandered for a moment.

Sally captured the attention of industry executives when she became the first female talent under Geffen’s joint venture with LISTEN TO THE KIDS, impressing the industry with her 2019 mixtape series.

In late 2020, the emerging artist dropped her label debut project “Life of Sossa,” which has garnered over 17 million streams globally and includes fan-favorite “Star Song” feat. Lil Durk. In 2021 Sally would go to release songs such as “TMU,” “Eternity,” & “Montcler Coat.”

2022 will be no exception to the rise and rule of Sally Sossa, with her highly anticipated EP “4Ever Sossa,” expected to make big waves for the everyday superstar.

Available everywhere now, “4Ever Sossa” will be blasting from the speakers of the office of Bridge Music Magazine for a very long time.

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