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It is not uncommon in today’s society for someone to see a woman with the beauty and grace of an artist like Robyn Sasha and fail to learn the depths of who she is.

Robyn began writing songs in her bedroom at the age of 14 years old. At such a tender age, the singer had already experienced abuse and more difficulty that most will never experience in a lifetime. Music was and is her therapy. Whether writing songs or singing gospel in her church at Edmonton North London, she used her creativity as an outlet to heal, to process and to progress. With the spirit of a fighter (and maybe a good bit of stubbornness,) Robyn was able to throw off the shackles of her oppressive environment and let people know that “the way down can always be turned around, against all odds.”

Having turned pain into art, Robyn has been out in LA working with legendary singer/songwriter, Steve Dorff on her new material. One of those singles has even been featured in a Hollywood movie with the leading actress in Game of Thrones.

Described as urban pop with an R&B twist, her newest EP, “Butterfly,” is “where she expresses her life experiences of the past few years. It signifies the final stage in a process of metamorphosis,” a process that has been very significant to the London singer’s life in recent years. Her mission is to help anyone in any way she can as she knows firsthand what it feels like to be dismissed. She is truly an artist set on making a difference.

We caught up with Robyn in the middle of her busy schedule to ask her a few questions and get to know the woman behind the musical warfare…

Bridge: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Let’s start by having you tell a bit about yourself to our readers…

RS:  I’m a singer/songwriter from London currently living in Los Angeles. I have been writing from a young age and started singing in church from the age of 17. 

I always knew music was all I ever wanted to do it was the only way I could truly express myself and vent. I’ve always had such a powerful urgency to help others and make a difference, so what better way then to use my platform to make a difference while doing what I love. 

Bridge: How would you describe your sound to a first time listener?

RS: I would say it’s ballads/R&B with some pop.

Bridge: I read that you have been writing songs since you were 14! How has your songwriting evolved since then?

RS: With age comes life experiences and the more I’ve experienced and grown I’m able to tell my story through my eyes. It’s my truth and every day I’m growing and learning and becoming the best version of myself. 

Bridge: Tell us a little about what music means to you as an individual…

RS: Music is literally the air I breathe it’s definitely what’s kept me going in life. Some people do stuff in life they love just to do what they love and for everything that comes with it which is incredible for them but I have a WHY which to me is so crucial because it’s my driving force to never give up. 

Bridge: I’m curious, do you have a go-to song you listen to when you’re going through a hard time?

RS: I have a new single on my album which I’m currently recording called “Miracles” which is literally that inspirational/uplifting song that will keep you going though those hard moments in life. 

Bridge: Alright, what projects do you have going on right now? Give us the lowdown on what we can look out for from you…

RS: I’m currently recording my album titled Butterfly which I’m so excited to share with everyone as I’ve been working with some of the best producers here in LA.

I’m shooting my music videos along with photoshoots and press articles and I’m working on my new clothing collection with a luxury brand which will be available in Spring. 

Bridge: If you could make a statement for yourself as an artist for the whole music industry to hear, what would it be?

RS: Just to always be kind as you never know what someone is going through so your kindness could be the difference to someone’s life in a much bigger way than you know. To treat others how you wish to be treated and help others. Life is short so make every day count. 

Keep up with Robyn’s amazing journey through the music industry by checking out her music and following her on social media below.

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