Rising Artist Jordana Bryant To Release Debut, Self-Titled EP

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Get ready for the rise of singer/songwriter Jordana Bryant.

The 17-year-old Nashville artist is dropping her debut, self-titled EP, on April 21st, and the hype around this young artist is palpable. 

Jordana bore her heart and shared her story in a recent interview with BRIDGE, telling of her love of music from a very young age.

Jordana grew up in Pennslyvania, residing in a small area outside Philadelphia. Music was ever-present throughout her childhood as her father played in several country-rock bands, and the longer she heard him play, the more she fell in love with the craft herself.

“He [my father] would play all of this music for me, and I began to fall in love with it and sing along,” she said, “Then, at the age of 10, he started teaching me guitar as well, and I fell in love with songwriting too.”

Even at such a young age, Bryant seems to carry a depth of spirit that is lacking in many artists her age. “I love that in country music, you can close your eyes and visualize the lyrics,” she shared, “You can feel the heart of the song, and I want that for my listeners as well.”

Rising Artist Jordana Bryant To Release Debut, Self-Titled EP
Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

That heart and intentionality have seen Jordana to this point in her career. During the pandemic, the Penniless And Broke singer used her talents as a way to connect with others feeling trapped in the lockdown. She would go live for one to two hours every night to see and curate a space for others to connect and share their feelings. “I knew that so many people were feeling overwhelmed and alone, and I wanted to help,” Jordana humbly shared. 

Because of that time invested, she could share her music with countless more people and organically grow her audience. She continued to do so until she graduated high school and made the age-old move to Music City.

Since arriving in Nashville, Jordana has been working tirelessly on her debut EP to give “the best representation of who I am as an artist.”

The self-titled EP consists of six cohesive songs she meticulously went through to ensure they were a perfect fit for the project. “I feel like this captures the hopefulness of me as a person,” she says, “not just that I am a happy person but that I truly desire to have a positive impact on people with that optimism.”

Jordana proves herself to be a breath of fresh air in the emerging generation of new artists in Nashville and the music industry as a whole. But, unfortunately, the business is littered with clout chasing and misguided desires for fame and fortune and, thus, could use the heart and perspective of an artist like Jordana Bryant. 

Pre-save her self-titled EP here, ahead of its April 21st release, and keep up with Jordana on Instagram and TikTok for the latest.

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