Rising Alt-Pop, Worship Duo Vigil To Release New Single, “Rescue”

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What began with two best friends, Josh Wright and Morgan Saulsberry, leading worship together has evolved into a powerful, up-and-coming force in the modern worship movement that debuted in September of 2020.

Originating in the Dallas suburb of Lewisville, Texas, Vigil stretches beautifully outside the box with their music described as “local pop; alternative pop; worship and contemporary Christian soul music.”

As for the name, they simply refer us to the defintion, [Vigil: A period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch and pray.]

Vocalist Joshua Wright continues to wow with his exceptional range and masterful skills as a vocalist. Last year, he was the 2020 People’s Choice Award winner for the local concert series “The Sounds Of Lewisville” which then lead to Vigil opening for the 2021 show.

Their upcoming single, “Rescue” is a mid-tempo, alternative, soul-pop song with a message of hope in the midst of doubt, fear and adversity. At the end of 2018, both Josh and Morgan were dealing with heavy disappointment, heartbreak and different levels of depression. One night, they were sitting on Morgan’s couch and began singing exactly how they felt and who they knew God to be in their lives. Within two hours, they had something that they could sing over and over until their belief became stronger and doubt began to whither.

“Rescue” is about being honest about life and the feelings of hopelessness or questions that form in the middle of circumstances. This song is for anyone who has felt hopeless, alone, or lost and needs a sign that they’re not alone or without a rescuer.

“Rescue” drops November 19th on all digital media outlets.

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