Rewind Review: Michael Wilford, “Rattle My Bones”

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Songwriter Michael Wilford’s latest single “Rattle My Bones” does just that.

Haunting but lively, this song a masterful follow up to Wilford’s “Scotch”, a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. The vocals of Sail Cassady carry Michael’s vision of “making friends with the ghosts in your closet” through to swelling strings and choruses, making this song the first to get stuck in my head in a while. Perhaps it’s the experience we all shared with the inspiration for “Rattle My Bones” that makes it stick. Written during the pandemic, this darkly playful song speaks to every one of us living with our own demons.

Hailing from B.C., Michael Wilford is an alum of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Inspired by artists like Florence And The Machine and Arctic Monkeys, he brings a powerful balance between folk music and rock n’ roll. A musician himself, Michael has spent the last several years on the road touring with several Canadian bands. As luck for us would have it, he had decided to make a statement as an artist in his own right.

The beauty of what he does lies in community. Much like Mark Ronson or Bruno Lewis, he writes each song and builds a team of people around it that he feels “are best suited to bring this specific track to life.”

It is that keen discernment that allows his genius to shine, each character in the story of the each song carefully chosen to tell the tale. “Rattle My Bones” is a gem of a track, beautiful but still covered in enough grit to make you feel something.

Check out “Rattle My Bones” below!

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