Restless Road is Just Getting Started with Debut Album ‘Last Rodeo’

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2023 has undeniably been a game-changing year for the emerging country music sensation, Restless Road.

From rubbing shoulders with Kane Brown on the European stage to being crowned Spotify’s Hot Country Artists, Colton Pack, Garrett Nichols, and Zach Beeken are steadily ascending the ladder to country music greatness. Their inaugural album, “Last Rodeo,” isn’t just an album; it’s a testament to their unwavering zeal and commitment to the country genre.

“Last Rodeo” is a sprawling 18-track journey, a musical tapestry that weaves together the threads of love, heartbreak, and the quintessential country drinking anthems. However, it’s more than just music; it’s a powerful reflection of the trio’s arduous journey, filled with highs and lows, a living testament to their indefatigable spirit and the allure of pursuing one’s dreams.

In an exclusive interview with BRIDGE, Restless Road lets us in on the inspiration behind their highly anticipated album and what it signifies for the next phase of their country music voyage.

Empower the Audience

Restless Road’s debut album is all about inspiring their listeners never to throw in the towel. The album’s central message? Band member Garrett Nichol’s says, “Never let anyone or anything stand in your way.”

Each track acts as a melodious rallying cry, urging us all to persist, regardless of the obstacles. The title may suggest finality, but as Restless Road insists, this is just the beginning of their remarkable expedition.

Photo: Gus Black

The Stories Behind the Melodies

Their previously released singles, which include ‘On My Way,’ ‘I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy,’ and ‘Roll Tide Roll,’ are all central to the album. “On My Way,” a product of pandemic introspection, encapsulates the essence of self-improvement and personal growth. “I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy” delves into that transformative moment when someone special ignites the fire to become a better version of oneself. It’s a universal sentiment, and it strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever felt the need to change for love.

The poignant lyrics of “On My Way” form the beating heart of the album’s overarching message: keep moving forward and strive to become the person you aspire to be.

Lessons from the Stage

Their journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and challenges, notably opening for Kane Brown and embarking on their own Bar Friends Tour in 2022. Colton, Zach and Garrett all acknowledge the invaluable insights they’ve gained from their time on the road. “We learned so much opening for Kane Brown. Every night we got 30 minutes to dial in our performance and really learn how to connect with crowds,” shared Zach. The opportunity gave them a masterclass in stage presence, something Brown is famous for. Their Bar Friends Tour, a dream come true, had them performing to sold-out crowds who came to witness them firsthand. This experience unveiled the beautiful diversity of country music fans and the power of their music.

Another notable high was being named one of the Opry’s Next Stage Artists is another incredible milestone for Restless Road. The Grand Ole Opry has always been their North Star, and seeing their name up in lights is an honor that underscores their status as the future of country music.

“Growing Old With You” and ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’

Restless Road performs on ABC’s The Bachelor

Growing Old With You” making its way to the top of the Sirius XM The Highway charts marked a pivotal moment for Restless Road. It was a testament to the hard work they had poured into their music. “For us, it was a sign that all the work we had put in over the years was worth it,” said Nichols. That song in particular was very special because it showed us how powerful a song can be. The song’s profound impact on fans’ love stories and life milestones attested to the power of music. Their performance on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ was the cherry on top, catapulting them into the spotlight. Playing a song on The Bachelor was a fantasy goal that we’ve had for years so we were on cloud 9 when it came to fruition.”

“Last Rodeo” is Just the Beginning

Despite the title, “Last Rodeo” is anything but the end for Restless Road. The title track encapsulates the theme of resilience and unwavering focus on their goals. It’s proof that the journey has only just begun. The album paints a vivid picture of their adventures through the twists and turns of life and love, all while navigating their evolving careers.

With a spectacular year behind them and thrilling tours on the horizon, Restless Road is poised to carve their name in the annals of country music history. The trio’s harmonious blend of melodies, evocative storytelling, and sheer passion guarantees to captivate audiences and secure their place among country music’s elite.

Restless Road’s ‘Last Rodeo‘ isn’t the culmination; it’s the thrilling overture to the next chapter in their journey towards super-stardom.

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