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Hip hop artist and CEO, Raw Dizzy, is making a comeback.

Bridge: Thanks for sitting down with us, sir.

First let’s start by having you tell our readers who you are…

RD: Raw Dizzy: CEO of PCO Ent, Hip Hop artist, songwriter, family man, and realtor from Downtown New Orleans.

Bridge: That is a lot of hats! How long have you been in the music game?

RD: I’ve been creating music since I was eight years old, but my first production was in the year of 1995.

Bridge: Eight years old? Man, I can’t even think of what I was doing at eight. Definitely not anything productive or cool like making music (laughs)

In all that time you’ve overcome some pretty significant ups and downs in the industry. How did you keep your head up during those hard times?

RD: Honestly, my faith in God is obsessive, but I have had my lost times where I’ve turned to using drugs, selling heroin and large quantities of weed, and pimpin’ in a modern way. I even took steps contemplating on making an Only Fans account, but still at the same time praying for a legal exit and believing it would come, as it did, and I was ready. But throughout the whole time I was always able to record in a top of the line studio owned by DJ Raj Smoove, former Young Money DJ and Sqad up producer and engineer. He believed in me and trusted me so much he allowed me to do as I please. Still # til this day (laughs) so I was able to keep creating music and mastering my craft.

Bridge: I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone describe their faith in God as obsessive but you absolutely just set a new bar for me. Man! I want my faith to be obsessive!

Other than God, who would you say are your most significant inspirations?

RD: The Hotboys because they were from my city and they made me believe that somebody from there can be just as good as artists from other places. Also, 2 Chainz because I know him personally and he’s older, so he still made it in his late 30’s. That helped me a lot because people want you to give up around certain ages, but they’re absolutely stupid. Eff Dat! They can kiss the front of my ass!

Bridge: (Laughs) Just the front, huh? I love it! You would think getting older and bringing that experience and wisdom to the table would mean something nowadays! (sighs)

What would you say stands out to you as one of your biggest career milestones to date?

RD: My biggest milestone was the day I rapped for Lil Wayne, and he couldn’t deny my talent so he without a doubt, added me to Sqad Up.

Bridge: Dang! See now I’m going to have to go check that out. That is huge!

What has your favorite collaboration been so far?

RD: My favorite collaboration is most definitely one off my upcoming albums with UTP Skip for the UPTOWNDOWNTOWN4 project produced by BlaqNmilD because we’re at a great place in life, we all have some money, and we’re not stressing or struggling with the music and we’re doing it to bring together our city’s music scene. Plus we’re remaking any track we chose without worrying about clearing samples, saying what we want and having a bunch of fun doing so.

Bridge: You just dropped an incredible new single with famed producer, Blaqnmild, tell us about the heart behind that project…

RD: Well actually I came up with the idea in a conversation with my in-house producer, Zilla of BestBoomin Beats. I said watch I make a song called “I Ain’t Lying” tonight – I Ain’t Lying because I had a session that night with BlaqNmilD, but it was Mr. Meana from the legendary group PNC that was coaching me to bring out the best in me. When we get to work with BlaqNmilD, he said that I had to go with a plan and that I did, (laughs) I ain’t lying. So fast forward when I told Blaq that idea, he immediately started creating the track. I gave him a little detail on the sounds I’d prefer and before you knew it he made me go in the booth, and the rest is history.

Photograph: Jimi Clever-Angel Wings

Bridge: I love that. It’s always something so simple that makes the best songs!

What do you want your fans to get out of your music?

RD: I want my fans to clearly be able to separate me from a common sound. Even if my story is along the same lines as many other artists. I still give them real details, good or bad, but in my own way. Meaning my flow patterns, aggressive energy, raw direct delivery, and few punchlines – not because I can’t make up punches, but I limit them because everything I speak is real and making up something in between is defeating the purpose, in my opinion. So overall I need them to know that I am the real thing, no gimmicks.

Bridge: Thats a well balanced vision I think. With so much great music out there, you’re not claiming to reinvent the wheel, but you are saying that you bring your own unique heart to it. Love it.

We gotta know, do you have any shows coming up that we can check out?

RD: I have a few shows coming up, but honestly I’m just getting back in the game from a long break, so I’m working hard and giving it time to circulate.

Bridge: That’s wisdom right there! Too many artists (okay I’m talking about myself here) are too impatient.

And now the end all question…if you had to pick one song to run as the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

RD: Actually I really can’t think of a song to compare to my life as of yet. I believe it doesn’t exist, because honestly, it’s just too much to say and too many different subjects. Basically the song would be all over the place because that’s how my life has been.

Bridge: (laughs) We haven’t heard that answer yet and I am here for it! Hell yeah, create the song that will be the soundtrack!

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