Rapper LOCS Showcases His Natural Talent With Latest Release, ‘Pray On It’

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Atlanta-based rapper, LOCS, is back with a new release, ‘Pray On It‘ – available everywhere now.

The track, that made its debut August 12th, begins softly with a playfully mellow guitar riff that hooks you in enough to make you wonder what exactly is about to be said. LOCS holds nothing back as he hits the mic full force right out of the gate with a cadence that simply cannot be learned.

As ‘Pray On It‘ plays through with it’s minimalist structure contrasting the classic 808s, it is more than evident that LOCS has natural talent and flow. Nothing about his performance is forced or seems to strain the rapper, who delivers the bars as if spitting lyrics is his first language and speaking, his second.

LOCS releases new single pray on it
Anna Azarov Photography

Throughout the track, LOCS contemplates on the current state of his career and how far he has come. ”I have achieved a great amount, but there’s still a lot to be done”, says LOCS.

Hailing from Columbus, OH, LOCS gained attention from Spotify being featured on “Mellow Bars” and Fresh Finds” playlists and has been growing as an artist ever since. His music has even been featured on HBOMax and the NFL, as well as an artist feature in the Rolling Stones Global Artist Spotlight.

With such guttural talent, we expect to be hearing more from LOCS as he continues to prove himself as a solid contender in today’s rap game.

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