Rapper 1NSIGHT Releases New Deluxe Album

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Rapper and creator, 1NSIGHT releases “Death Before The Grave (Deluxe) – Welcome To Hell.” The album is a follow-up to his previous release “Death Before The Grave.”

Born in Grand Prairie, Texas, just outside of Dallas, the artist has been making music since he was 11 years old though he only began to take it seriously around 19. Rapping, however, is not his only talent. In addition to making music, he draws and is both a comedian and an activist.

He says, “I’m just a guy with a non-stop working mind. I’m constantly striving to be better in all faculties of life, sharing all of my revelations with the world as I go along, aiming to evolve all of my people as a collective.”

Death Before The Grave”

As for “Death Before The Grave ( Deluxe) – Welcome to Hell” The album is about the artist maneuvering, directing, and carefully examining everything he believed up until this point in his life.

1NSIGHT told us “Whether it was about religion, the government, the economy, society’s “status quo,” through a period of a few years I re-examined everything I ever knew, right down to the bone. During that time I found many revelations about life as we know it. This is my walk through hell, my walk with god through the abyss I put myself in, through the abyss I allowed others to put me in by inflicting their thoughts, ideals and beliefs onto me. Over 99% of what I thought to be me was in fact the world’s thoughts and opinions replaying itself in my head”

Get to know more about insight by checking out our recent interview:

Bridge: Describe your sound to our readers…

1NSIGHT: My sound is unfiltered and transparent. Raw and deep. Intricate and heartfelt. I make music to connect with those going through the same afflictions and struggles that I’ve experienced in my short time in this world, and I strive to make a difference before i die leaving the world a better place than it was when I met it.

Bridge: What first inspired you to go into music?

1NSIGHT: XXXTENTACION and JUICEWRLD were my biggest inspirations. Rapping about being emotionally scared and traumatized was not the norm until they revolutionized that genre in my opinion. These two gave me the courage I needed to incorporate my mental health and state of well being into my songs, and thereby helping to spread awareness on the matter of mental health, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts etc.

“Death Before The Grave (Deluxe) – Welcome To Hell”

Bridge: What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

1NSIGHT: I want my listeners to know that they aren’t alone.The worst thing to think when you’re in that place, in that dark abyss in your mind, is that you’re alone there. I myself began to grow mad and isolated myself for a period of time because of this. I became a modern day recluse, I didn’t know what was real anymore. My listeners should understand that not only are they not alone but they are loved and understood. The fight ain’t over yet. The DREAMSTATE is the goal, that is a state of being which your reality can exceed your wildest dreams, but we can’t get there alone. only by banding together can we achieve this state of being, and spreading awareness on the matter is the first step forward.

Bridge: Where do you find inspiration for your art?

1NSIGHT: Inspiration comes to me through pain, through my own depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and my search for meaning in this absurd realty. My Mind is always thinking and my brain never stops working, because of this my thoughts go to a dark place from time to time but the silver lining is that my incessant thinking allows me to access infinite intelligence, that is, a place where there is a solution to every problem there ever was, and every problem there ever will be.

Bridge: What current projects are you working on?

1NSIGHT: I am working on DREAMSTATE 2 which will release this summer. DREAMSTATE 2 is about living in the DREAMSTATE and having that state of mind as your permeant reality. It’s about what it feels like to be in the DREAMSTATE, it’s me sharing the greatest part of myself with the world, as is my duty.

Bridge: What about other releases?

1NSIGHT: My next release “welcome to my world” will be my first single that will be featured on DREAMSTATE 2. So stay tuned!

Check out the deluxe album for yourself below and be sure to follow 1NSIGHT on social media to keep up with the latest on his music.

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