Q&A With Linda “Peaches” Tavani

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Bridge: Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene?

LT: I have been singing since I was a little girl. When I got older I was the main singer in a cover band that performed in clubs and colleges. We also open for major music acts. I became good friends with Natalie Cole. Later when she became very successful I was backstage at her concert when I met Van McCoy who remembered meeting me when I was a little   girl. He introduced me to the Herbs manager. Soon after Herb gave me a call to meet and that was when it all started. We recorded Reunited and Shake Your Groove Thing which became #! Hits and our records sold 9 million copies. I toured the world as peaches with Peaches & Herb for the next ten years.

Bridge: What are you doing to push a positive narrative as an artist and with your music?

LT: I push a positive narrative with my music by recording songs that are hopeful, joyful but also thought provoking and deeply emotional. I approach my performance with a beautiful celebration. As an artist I started an organization called WOW International that puts on huge free festivals in the poorest communities in our country. There are free hot meals, bike repair, haircuts, makeovers, kids corner, job resumes, family photos, groceries, music, drama and much more. Over 1.4 million people have attended these outreaches called WOW JAMS where they hear a very positive and encouraging message and experience the love of God.

Bridge: Are there any rituals you have developed over the years that are helpful to your music making process?

LT: I do vocal exercises, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of tea and honey and work with talented people that I love. I also listen to all kinds of music for inspiration. I also pray and ask God to bless what I am doing.

Bridge: Could you talk about an UP you had in your career? 

LT: A big UP for me was the first time I heard my song “Shake Your Groove Thing” on the radio.

Bridge: Could you talk about a DOWN you had in your career?

LT: A big DOWN in my career was when I realized even with gold and platinum records, awards, touring the world, millions of fans…. I still felt empty inside and at one point wanted to end it all.

Bridge: How do you think your experience has helped you shape your career and approach your music?  

LT: Knowing that my voice has been heard by so many people around the world has given me a greater appreciation for the platform I have and a desire to use that platform to improve the lives of people.

Bridge: How did you develop your community of fans over the years? 

LT: I developed my fans over the years by touring, going to local radio shows and local communities, answering tons of fan mail and signing autographs everywhere I went. Now it is very different and that is through social media which we have been working on.

Bridge: Your holiday music is giving us LIFE. Thank you for sharing that joy with us! Can you give us any exclusive on more music coming up?

LT: I am very excited about my EP coming up with all new music. Lots of dance music and a very moving ballad called “Let Me Cry”.

Bridge: We are excited as well! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

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