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We sat down with the “Bedroom Velvet” singer to talk about the single, her inspirations, and what drives the ethereal sounds of Gaby Paul.

Bridge: What gave you the inspiration for your single Bedroom Velvet? 

GP: I first thought of the concept of ‘Bedroom Velvet’ when I was listening to my friend’s music he had written. He was playing the piano in my room and as he was singing I thought his voice sounded just like velvet. That’s how the whole idea was born. 

Bridge: Such a beautiful picture! What did your songwriting process look like bringing the idea for the song to life? 

GP: I started off with some lyrics about my friend who is also a musician and has been in my life for years. I tried to put together as much visual memory as I could to display exactly how I felt in our musical environment. Then the vocal melodies stringed along together naturally. I finished writing this song in under an hour and I felt very content with what it portrayed.  

Bridge: What artists have you been listening to recently? 

GP: I’ve been listening to Summer Walker’s new album, Emmett LaFave and Brent Faiyaz. 

Bridge: What inspires your creativity? 

GP: I’m a visual person so a lot of times I get motivated to create from how I analyze a certain setting in my mind. A lot of the people in my life I find are inspiring. They don’t live by anyone else’s rules but their own and I’ve always felt comfortable drawing inspiration from our times together. 

Bridge: What can we expect from you in the next few months? 

GP: I have two upcoming songs in the works, currently. I’m sticking to an atmospheric approach sonically and embracing my femininity in these songs. There’s always more projects to come. 

Courtesy of Gaby Paul Music

Bridge: Love it! And where does your aesthetic come from? 

GP: I’ve always been fascinated with the past and since I write about my past mostly, I think photos on film is a perfect way to show the look of a memory and why I even write in the first place. I was born in Arizona and I have some of my happiest memories in the desert so I try to keep it alive. 

Bridge: Do you feel like there’s pressure for artists to always be releasing content? 

GP: There’s always pressure to release content but I think people know that I like to spend my time putting together something I’ll be proud of. But I always appreciate the kind words and motivation from the supporters of my work. 

Bridge: Do you have any songwriting rituals? 

GP: No real writing rituals, other than I prefer to be alone when I write. I usually don’t like having people around when I’m first starting a song but I do feel comfortable with my producer when experimenting with melodies and different sounds in the studio. 

Bridge: Speaking of your producer, what is the recording process like for you in the studio? 

GP: I’ll usually come into the studio with an idea in my head of how the majority of the song will play out. Then my producer, Kris Muhly, and I fill in the missing pieces as we go on recording my vocals and the instrumentals. 

Bridge: Any artists that you have a collaboration coming up with? 

GP: Emmett LaFave and I actually have a collaboration we’ve performed together called “Blinds”.  It should be out soon or by the time this interview is published. 

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