Netflix Celebrates Diversity and Authenticity in Upcoming Films and Series from Down Under

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As a TV-obsessed kid growing up in western Sydney, the weekly TV guide in the paper was my bible. I’d carefully schedule out what shows I was going to watch that week, and when. Spoilt for choice, my favourite shows were too frequently on at the same time. So, I devised a legally-dubious system which included two VCR machines, a rotation of 3-hour VHS tapes (six hours on longplay!), and my childhood neighbour who was happy to offer her VCR for my entertainment needs. The plan? Watch one, record four and never miss a beat.  

Water Rats, Police Rescue, Wild Side, and Heartbreak High were just some of the shows that shaped the way I saw Aussie TV. Coupled with offbeat British comedy and glossy US dramas, I quickly learned that film and TV can also serve as a window to cultures and places different from mine and gained an understanding first hand how the stories you consume can shape you.  

An outsider might make the  assumption that actors speaking in an Aussie accent with the Sydney Opera House or the odd kangaroo is enough to make an Australian film or series. But that’s a surface idea of Australia. 

At Netflix, we’re a team of Aussies working with Aussies to make shows that are for us, by us and about us. When we fully commit to that authentically Australian point of view, we ensure that our audiences feel seen, heard and understood—and they fall in love with our stories. 

Our upcoming films and shows from Australia celebrate our culture and showcase the diverse people and landscapes from all corners of the country and across all genres. Today, we’re sharing some of the new Australian films and shows that will be released on Netflix or commence production this year, with plenty more to come yet! 

  • Love is in the Air: Giving us a romance boost, Australia’s sweetheart Delta Goodrem stars in this movie about a seaplane pilot falling for the man sent to sink her business. Filmed in Queensland’s Whitsundays, Love is in the Air will set hearts aflutter with its familiar and comforting “will they, won’t they” journey towards love.
  • ONEFOUR: Against All Odds: This documentary sheds light on a controversy still playing out today. On one side is arguably the most popular drill rap group in Australia, where music offers a path to redemption and a way to escape the street. On the other, a specialist police task force working to prevent them from performing in the name of public safety. ONEFOUR aren’t likely to show up on mainstream TV, but their music is a soundtrack for a vision of working class Australia that should be on screen.
  • Desert King (Working Title): Set in the Australian Outback, this epic succession tale revolves around billionaire miners, Traditional Owners, cowboys and desert gangsters fighting over the world’s biggest cattle station the size of Wales. It’s a hot, dusty, sexy Outback Western with guns and helicopters. And a lot of cows.
  • The Survivors (Working Title): We’re teaming up with Tony Ayres Productions to adapt “The Survivors” by acclaimed Australian author Jane Harper into an ambitious crime- mystery limited series. Set in a Tasmanian seaside town, the narrative explores the impact of unresolved grief. 
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