World Premiere: Megan Knight Releases Single And Music Video For ‘Dancing In The Mirror’

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Megan Knight kicks off her 2023 releases and premieres her new single and music video, “Dancing In The Mirror,” exclusively here at Bridge Magazine. The song provides audiences with catchy yet meaningful lyrics that have an important message at its core. “Dancing in the Mirror” is driven by themes of self-love and empowerment. Megan’s stunning vocal performance elevates the song with her emotional and powerful delivery.  You can click here to get an exclusive first look.

“I encourage my listeners to be dream chasers, the pilots of their lives driving head-on into their wildest goals. I hope this song brings people joy, inspiration, motivation, and comfort. We should all be proud of ourselves, regardless of our bodies’ appearance.”

 – Megan Knight

The concept of the song embodies positive self-image by retaliating against the negative stigmas that society has bestowed upon us.  Lyrics, such as “Dancing in the mirror / Loving what I see / Ain’t gonna let nobody / Get the best of me” provides an inspiring message overall, directly contrasting the lyrics at the beginning of the song; Knight fights this negative self-conscious inner struggle  by being able to showcase her self-confidence and share her message of self-love out to the world. The song title even alludes to seeing yourself in a more positive light; “Dancing In The Mirror” can be viewed as “dance however you want, nobody’s watching.” 

World Premiere of “Dancing in the Mirror”

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