Pop Artist PIAO Releases Impressive New EP, “tissues”

The 5-track EP solidifies PIAO as a pop force to be reckoned with.

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Shanghai born, Toronto transplant and Berklee graduate PIAO is leaving quite an impression on the music scene with her heartfelt lyrics and impressive vocal range.

Her new EP tissues delivers a modern take on iconic 2000’s pop and pop-rock sounds to create a feeling of perfectly placed nostalgia in the hearts of the listener. Each song on the EP showcases the extensive range of PIAO both vocally and sonically.

The lead single, SFL, which stands for “Searching For Life” “encapsulates the answer to a lot of her other songs, which a lot of them were questions.” She adds that “‘SFL’ is kind of the thesis that I keep referring back to to support this life essay.“  Not surprisingly, her successful debut led to Spotify’s Fresh Finds.  The support continues with her second single “Haunted by Potential” for 12 Spotify Editorial Playlists which included New Music Friday. 

“Tissues” (2022)

“Hannah Montana” is the focus track from the EP which is crisp, supple, a new wave, where PIAO has filled out with strains of her nostalgic memories she grew up as a kid. The song starts with a Avril Lavigne type guitar chords, PIAO’s vocal eccentricity swiftly elevating the bar of the song, powerful drums and a punchy bass. She has a tendency towards uptempo songs, which underlines her “go like lightning” pace, as if each line she wrote was from her personal diary. Her lyrics stand up just fine for the emotions that she’s trying to put through. Favoring her nostalgic memories, PIAO has given her narrative a shape and specificity, heavy with emotions. She goes on to say, “I would not be where I am without Hannah Montana. Like every asian kid, I studied classical piano from a very young age. The idea that Hannah/Miley got to live a double life inspired me to sing, and so singing was my alter ego for a while until I gained enough confidence to tell my friends/family about it”.

“I would not be where I am without Hannah montana.”


One thing is for sure, PIAO breaks the mold of traditional pop artists where she’s trying to make her own lane. She’s and multi-instrumentalist, an intentional creative and she’s had opportunities to work with talented artists and producers like T-Pain and Don Cannon helping her amplify her musical repertoire. 

PIAO is one to watch again and again. tissues proves that the eclectic artist is unwilling to settle and more than willing to stretch herself musically to create a niche all her own.

tissues is available everywhere now.

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