Pianist, Producer and Collaborator, Cam Noble Is On His Way To Being A Household Name

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Pianist, producer and collaborator Cam Noble has been a fasting growing name in the industry due to his works with several notable artists over the years. He is known for creatively adding his unique sound to any project he’s involved in.

Representing Melbourne and New Zealand, music has taken Cam around the world as an artist, musical director and producer. Working with Indie label ACTS Music Group, he has been involved in the rise of Mikey Dam, Ash Minor, Keenan Te & Liam Ferrari, just to name a few.

We sat down with the international phenomenon to find out a little more about the man behind the music.

Bridge: Tell our readers a little about who you are…

Cam: Melbourne-based songwriter, producer and artist. I have spent the last 10 years working in the music industry on both the label side and the artist side, focusing on creating songs that can last a lifetime to the listeners that come along my journey. The piano is where it all started for me, so all of my work has revolved around playing keys – whether that be as an instrumentalist or a songwriter. I grew up in a small New Zealand town, amongst a very musical family. Forced into performing at a young age, my inspirations were always around country music, and being in my 20s now, I notice more and more how much that country influence has had on what I do today.

Bridge: How would you describe your music?

Cam: My music is very mellow, easy listening. I aim to have music that resonates with people, to match with moments and experiences in their life. When they think back to a time or journey in their life, there is a song that’s associated with that – that’s what I aim to make. 

Bridge: Where do you draw your inspiration as an artist from?

Cam: Inspiration is all around me. I like to keep my circle close, and share stories to create songs. I own a thriving label and studio in Melbourne, which I work out of daily with a range of other artists. We have a collective of over 20 writers/producers that come together every week to make music. Being around such talented people really gives not only myself but all of us inspiration to keep hustling and creating. 

Bridge: What’s been the most rewarding part of being in the music industry?

Cam: For me, it’s being able to write a song, perform it, and see people singing along to it. From what may have originally been a little 2 am demo, to now being performed on the radio and in front of a crowd that will sing along to it, is an awesome feeling that can hardly be matched. Being able to express myself through music, and have that common ground with people, it’s truly rewarding.

Bridge: What current projects/releases do you have going on?

Cam: I have recently released a piano instrumental EP which has done really well. I have also started a country project with one of my best friends, called the ‘Ghost Riders’. Our first song landed on radio, as well as many editorial playlists which blew us away! Our next song ‘Is It You’ will come out Friday 11th December, so we are super excited about that. 

Bridge: Favorite song you’ve written and why?

Cam: It’s hard to say what my favorite song is. But recently I co-wrote a song with a great friend of mine, Jed McIntosh, titled ‘Can’t Help Fallin’ which was a dedication to both of our previous partners. Going through a rough breakup together, we spent a night at the studio sharing stories and feelings, which eventually turned into a song. That song sits with me the most as I know there are all too common feelings in there that many people in love will go through, and being able to share that through song, makes for a great step in the healing process for anyone going through hard times.

Bridge: Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Cam: My dream collab would be Charlie Puth. He is a crazy producer and writer, and being able to spend time with him in the studio would be huge! He is my favorite songwriter, and I can always hear that ‘Charlie sound’ when listening to new music. What he has achieved and will continue to achieve, is something I aspire to. 

Bridge: What are your visions and goals for your music in 2022?

Cam: I have some big goals and plans for 2022. I’m excited to be heading back on tour across Asia with my dear friend Keenan Te and hope to do more international shows. I also want to achieve over 10 million streams with my music, and reach new audiences across the globe. 

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