Petal Crush Announces Release of New EP “Lucky Ever After”

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Indie rock singer Petal Crush (Andy Petrusky) is thrilled to announce the release of his EP Lucky Ever After to be released on October 18th. Title track is out today and featured on Wonderland Magazine. 

Andy says, “Lucky Ever After” is a special and timely single for us. This track embodies the overall theme of the upcoming EP, which is, never give up and play the hand that you are dealt with savvy. Sometimes in the dark, all we have for a light is our own perseverance and commitment towards originality.”

Over 10 years ago, Andy Petrusky left behind a promising career as a professional tennis player and moved to New York City to pursue rock and roll after the death of his brother, who originated the band name Petal Crush.

Now, he’s releasing the Playing Dead EP, introducing the singer and multi-instrumentalist’s boldest-sounding songs yet, following 2016 debut album Electrica and the Look Out Sister EP in 2019. Evolution is inevitable, and amidst the chaos of 2020, Petrusky became a father for the first time and closed out the year having an emergency appendectomy.

The first song he wrote was EP opener “Gonna Need It Now,” a piano-driven anthem that’s far from the fuzzed-out rush of Petal Crush’s previous work. The title track channels an early Strokes-like urgency that undeniably sounds like moving to New York in your early 20s, while synth lines by co-producer Ayad Al Adhamy (Passion Pit, Team Spirit) recall the Killers’ Hot Fuss.

Growing up with these albums means being a particular age, and the songs on Playing Dead, also co-produced by Craig Almquist (Cold Fronts), speak to millennial malaise. While they have appeal for all ages, “Of Course Of Course” and “Lucky Ever After” hint at a specific burnout.

“Lucky Ever After”is available at

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