Ødyzon: The Dynamic and Exceptionally Brilliant French Musician Continues to Surprise

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The cosmos and persona of French musician Ødyzon are based on unending vigor and passion. The offers he received following the release of his super hit music, including Canada Remix and Sleepless, show that the French musician does not care about monetary benefits and popularity when these things can distract him.

Making his music so lovely and explanatory before his image helps him to express his talent and emotions. Without any artistic restraint, he is unquestionably a person who has the perfect ability to express his feelings via his music. This emotional touch gives a lot of originality to the feelings he wants to share and express via the power of music. 

He disregards any restrictions and creates anything he wants, including remixes and techno music. 

Let’s learn more about him today.

Who is Ødyzon? 

A young French artist named Ødyzon has become well-known very quickly. He is so deeply ingrained and active in the music industry that he has a special moniker that is both enigmatic and intriguing and serves as his professional name. It’s called Ødyzon.

He is a young musician/artist with the original name Arnaud BOTTON, and he is deserving of much success. He was born on January 22, 2006, in Montbrison, making him a young musician.

In essence, he started learning the guitar at age 11, the piano at age 7, and at age 9, he started the MAO (computer-assisted music) by being self-taught.

It was without a doubt his obsession since he was little. He wasn’t seeking financial gain, but he did want to turn his hobby into a career.

His choice of a professional name has a fascinating backstory. When he was considering artist names to symbolize his music, “the Odyssey” sprang to mind. In order to stylize his artist name, he again used some imagination by modifying a few letters.

He writes excellent tunes with the idea of simplicity in mind because music is both his career and his love. This idea has a profound significance.

As long as you don’t complicate things, everything is lovely, straightforward, and easy, according to Ødyzon.

According to him, life is simple, much like music, and you should maintain it that way rather than complicate it.

Outstanding Success of Ødyzon 

Without talking about some of his super hits, the most beautiful compositions that made him a well-known musician and caught the attention of organizations seeking for top-notch music, the discussion of this incredible young artist and musician would be incomplete.

Canada Remix: Ødyzon’s Super Hit

Canada Remix was the first one, and it was launched in March 2022. He released a remix of 1PLIKÉ140’s hit “CANADA.” He borrowed a guitar sample from Robin Schulz’s song “Sugar” in this remix, and it soon gained popularity on TikTok and Spotify and amassed one million plays.

Along with other companies, Capitol, an American affiliate of Universal Music Group’s record publishing firm, was also drawn in by his incredible remix of Canada.

They got in touch with Ødyzon and expressed their unwavering desire to acquire this song from him again. They made every effort to buy it from Ødyzon because of the music’s high degree of creativity and Ødyzon’s passion and excitement, which made it a huge hit.

Arnaud never placed a high importance on producing money, and his partner had a different opinion. Because of this, this song was unable to be acquired by Capitol.

It is known that his music’s uniqueness, passion, brilliance, and capacity to produce superhits and masterpieces were the sole factors that piqued Capitol’s interest in it.

With remix Canada, the incredible journey of significant accomplishments in the music industry did not come to an end.

Sleepless: Another Superhit that has taken the world by storm 

Ødyzon released “Sleepless,” a downtempo electro track, on October 7, 2022. It is also growing in popularity swiftly, and music outlets, organizations, and communities have already shown an interest.

One such is the Kurate Music label, which has more than 250k followers to their “Dreamscape” YouTube channel. They got in touch with him because they adored the song Sleepless, completely fell in love with it, and went excited to work with Ødyzon.

Their only goal was to modify the sound and work together to create an ambient version.

Arnaud accepted the offer, so he created an ambient rendition of Sleepless and agreed to work with this label.

Ødyzon’s work with the Kurate label on this song has given them a lot of fame since they wanted it to go viral and be loved. They are highly effective in accomplishing their objectives as a result of the excellent music.

On October 21, 2022, all platforms including Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram released the ambient version of Sleepless.

Not to worry, Sleepless is also available in EP and the original version, along with four more variants (a Slowed Down version, a Speed Up version, an 8D version, and a Super Slowed Down version).

His followers are also interested in his newest musical offerings and are impatiently anticipating the third masterpiece in a row.

There is plenty to be grateful for as well. Ødyzon’s career appears to be on the upswing; he has had several offers for both of his music releases and is fervently pursuing his passion for music.

Even now, Ødyzon still finds himself in awe of the life and profession he has built for himself in such a short period of time.

Curious enough? 

Listen to his Sleepless on Spotify Now! 

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