Odd Army Is Unleashing the Power of Creativity with “Try To Stop Me”

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Bound together by an unyielding friendship and fueled by an endless wellspring of creativity, the enigmatic collective known as Odd Army has emerged as an unstoppable musical juggernaut, effortlessly bridging souls and minds through their extraordinary sonic creations.

Forged from the deep-rooted connections that stretch back to their childhood days, the members of Odd Army solidified their musical alliance in 2013, embarking on a transformative voyage that carried them from the iconic Golden Gate to the idyllic shores of the central coast before ultimately finding solace in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles.

Their latest single, “Try To Stop Me,” serves as a testament to their artistic prowess, channeling the raw intensity reminiscent of the grunge heyday of the early 90s. This composition stands tall as a creative triumph, employing a barrage of heavily distorted and overdriven guitars as their chosen dialect to convey their deepest artistic expressions.

Odd Army Is Unleashing the Power of Creativity with "Try To Stop Me"
Artwork by Automatic Bastard

Try To Stop Me” fearlessly delves into the labyrinthine tapestry of human emotions and desires, encapsulating an unwavering spirit of determination within its profound lyrics. Hailed by the band as a composition that instantly ignited their creative souls, its magnetic guitar and drum groove served as an unmistakable harbinger of something extraordinary.

“As soon as we laid the guitar and drum groove down we knew we had something we’d be excited about”

-Odd Army on the making of “Try To Stop Me”

Beneath its deceptively straightforward exterior, the song’s profound lyricism draws listeners closer to the unspoken reflections of the band, inviting them to embark on a personal exploration of their own experiences.

With their highly anticipated debut album, “Chrysalis, Become!” slated for release in August 2023, Odd Army is poised to etch an indelible mark upon the musical landscape with their evocative melodies and unparalleled ingenuity. Teaming up with acclaimed producer Will Turpin of Collective Soul, the band artfully fuses modern and psych rock elements, forging a sound that captivates and defies comparison.

Try To Stop Me” serves as a powerful embodiment of the band’s unique identity and creative direction, laying bare their sublime musical imagination and unwavering presence.

Listen to “Try To Stop Mehere

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