NYX Professional Makeup Aims To Target Anti-Bullying With New ‘Game Out Loud’ Pride Campaign

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LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2023 — NYX Professional Makeup today announced the launch of the ‘Game Out Loud’ pride campaign, bringing awareness to anti-LGBTQIA+ bullying in the online gaming world. Nearly 90 percent of LGBTQIA+ gamers have been harassed about their identities online. With the launch of the ‘Game Out Loud’ campaign, the brand aims to target hate by creating safe spaces both in the metaverse and in real life. NYX Professional Makeup will also be advocating for LGBTQIA+ individuals by offering education and allyship training nationwide. This year’s campaign imagery features five LGBTQIA+ talents who bring their passion to life through makeup artistry reflective of their favorite games. 

In their long-standing partnership, NYX Professional Makeup and the Los Angeles LGBT Center have come together to define a safe space as:  A place free of conflict, criticism, judgment or potentially threatening actions where homophobic, transphobic, racist, and sexist put-downs and remarks will be addressed.

The brand is activating safe spaces online on Roblox, Twitch, and At the House of NYX Professional Makeup in iHeartland on Roblox, the brand is set to feature an NPC (non-player character) that will ask visitors to take an allyship pledge, focused on education about safe spaces and LGBTQIA+ community allyship. After committing to the pledge, visitors will receive an ally badge for their Roblox avatar to wear around iHeartland. Active Roblox users will also experience the brand’s exclusive virtual merchandise (“UGC”) inspired by their years-long Proud Allies For All program.

On Twitch, NYX Professional Makeup will partner with LGBTQIA+ gamers who will host a series of live streams that will focus on education, ally messaging, and inclusivity. Allyship training and education will also be offered on Offline, the brand will feature safe space activations at both WeHo Pride, June 2-4, and Twitchcon Paris, July 8-9. The brand will present interactive, immersive experiences at both events open to consumers. 

NYX Professional Makeup celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community year-round through its Proud Allies for All campaign in partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Through donations, community events, volunteering, and training, the brand is committed to allyship in action. To date, NYX Professional Makeup has donated more than $500,000 to various global LGBTQIA+ organizations, including the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Since the partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center began, the funds have supported its youth outreach program, training allies, providing meals and services for youth experiencing homelessness, and scholarships. 

“Our longstanding allyship to the LGBTQIA+ community is a major pillar of our brand values,” said Nicolas Vissat, Assistant Vice President, US Marketing at NYX Professional Makeup. “NYX Professional Makeup stands for artistry for all, and proudly advocates for the community’s freedom of expression online and offline.”

To learn more about ‘Game Out Loud’ and the brand’s year-long Proud Allies for All initiative, visit 

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