NORD Speaks on Audio Engineering Experience at Paramount Recording Studio

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Carter Davis is a rapper and artist from the state of Oregon, who is better known in the music industry under his artist name, NORD. At the age of eighteen-years-old, the Portland up-and-comer continues to pave a road full of success and the manifestation of prestigious opportunities for himself as a completely independent personality in an industry dominated by controlling music labels. When the team at Bridge Music noticed a musically iconic background in a story post on the Oregon rapper and artist’s Instagram profile last week, we reached out to Carter for exclusive comment pertaining to his on-site experience at this special location.

“The environment of the studio itself is extremely comfortable, and the analog production equipment selection they have available is the best in the world,” Carter (NORD) commented in response to our outreach on the topic. “They have many historically recognized microphones readily available to record nearly any project you can think of, and dead-silent acoustically perfected vocal booths. Not to mention the history behind the location, with much of the inception of music as we know it today having taken place there.” 

The Brolin family built Paramount Recording Studios in the late 1960s. After achieving some success on his own through various recording work with his former classmate Ritchie Valens, Brian Brolin opened the studio with the encouragement of his brother, a well-known actor known as James Brolin. Staple musicians for the genres of Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and Rock such as Ice Cube, Tupac, Backstreet Boys, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and many other notable artists have had a vested presence at various sections of the Paramount music studios in the history of their world renowned music careers. NORD hopes to visit and work in the studios again soon in the near future, with the goal of conceptualizing future creative musical visions to assist in the further expansion of his independent artistic discography.

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