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Noble Barz has always had a healthy respect for hip-hop music…

Equipped with a passion to deliver a message through the medium of music, Barz is the next big thing to come out of the Bahamas.

Bridge: Tell us in your own words who you are…

RB: I am just a God-fearing Island Boy who happens to be a fan of hip-hop music. I respect it on a creative level to tell my story and the story of others that connects or relates to what others might identify with in their lives whether past, present or future.

Bridge: That is an amazing calling!

Your stage name is so unique! What is the inspiration behind it?

RB: The crazy thing about that stage name Noble Barz was that I was in the middle of getting some legal matters in order and that was a name suggestion put out by my lawyer. I went by the former moniker Barz Noble so it was just a switch over. Keeping that same vision as mentioned on my website bio, the word ‘Noble” involves character or distinction that identifies the voice of content within the delivery by which I want to purposefully convey the message. The word ‘Barz’ refers to the musical and artistic aspect connected to the delivery.

Bridge: How long have you been making music?

RB: I have been making music over 10 years but just started officially releasing solo project recordings from 2013.

Bridge: And is it difficult navigating the music industry in the Bahamas?

RB:I love what I have been seeing from a few creatives in the Bahamas who are collaborating on different things and seeing the good fruit as a result both individually and corporately. As an artist I can only speak for myself when it comes to this question from personal experience as a creative from the Caribbean. Word of mouth is still a valuable tool to use but for me, as Noble Barz, I felt the direction or approach to build my own portfolio as it comes to pushing my music venture and brand outside my demographic digitally and online on the flip side it actually made it less difficult drawing more attention locally more in particular from representatives from a few local entities I hope to work with soon on some joint licensing initiatives.

Bridge: I can imagine it’s a balance in an area like the Caribbean, online and local.

Let’s talk about creating, what is your favorite part of the creative process of making music?

RB: My favorite part of the creative process is just vibing to a musical track with repeated plays and build the song while listening to the composition the hook or a verse. No particular order may come first off a concept – just me and the track that the producer I’m working with on that particular track.

Bridge: That is such a fun part, just vibing and letting it flow.

What is the most frustrating part?

RB: Trying to force IT! If ever that occurs during the creative process take a break do something else and come back FRESH!

Bridge: That’s so true! Hitting that wall can be so discouraging though.

I’m curious, what artists do you look up to the most?

RB: The artists who are moving within the power of their creativity without having to sacrifice their artistic integrity.

Bridge: That’s so good! I haven’t gotten an answer like that in all the times I’ve asked it. I feel the same way.

What projects are you working on right now?

RB: I had recently release my latest project “T.S.I.R” (The Struggle Is Real) LP in February its now available on digital platforms so everyone if they want can checkout it out along with my prior releases whether stream or purchase I appreciate it and thank you in advance. Currently I have already begun putting in recordings for the solo follow up to “T.S.I.R” and I will be reconnecting with a fellow lyricist and artist who goes by the stage name Philocypha to put the finishing touches to some joint projects we had recorded prior to the COVID pandemic.

Bridge: What are your goals for your music in 2021?

RB: My goal is in getting the already released music to as many opportunities – preferably in licensing arenas

Bridge: The most telling question, if you had to pick any song to be the soundtrack of your life what would it be?

RB: I did a song entitled “Keep It Moving Regardless” from my prior album “S.C.O.A.P” (Soul Chapters Of A Poetic) everyone can also check out in particular the hook to me from that song to me answers the question indeed. Thanks for featuring me on this platform and for the opportunity to connect and to fellow creatives and your readers alike much love to you ALL.

Be sure to follow Noble Barz on social media and keep up with his latest projects below!

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